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Cultural Tour in Beijing Gaobeidian Village

Beijing Gaobeidian Village Tour

This Beijing Tour Package is a Beijing private tour, which means you have your own tour guide & driver. This Beijing culture tour enables you to visit the 1000-year old modern village and explore the history of Grand Canal. Getting the basic knowledge of former People's commune and learning to paint facial mask of Beijing Opera will add color to your Beijing Tour.
Tour Code:BJ-35
Departure Date:You Choose
Duration:4-5 hour (approx.)
China Tour
Reasons of choosing this Beijing Tour
  • See the charming Chinese culture
  • Have a chance to take part in several kinds of artificial making activities

This Beijing Village Tour Package Itinerary

beijing private tours:Beijing Gaobeidian Village Beijing Gaobeidian Village
beijing private tours:Beijing Gaobeidian Village Beijing Gaobeidian Village
beijing private tours:Beijing Gaobeidian Village Beijing Gaobeidian Village

2:00pm - Pick from your midtown hotel in Beijing and have around 20 minutes private transfer to the 1000-year old Beijing Goabeidian Village. 2:20pm - 2:40pm: Stop at the statue of Guo Shoujing in front of Gaobeidian Village and visit the ancient Ping Jin Floodgate.
Guo Shoujing (1231–1316) was a leading hydraulics expert of the time as well as a famous Chinese astronomer and mathematician. He lived during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). Ordered by Kublai Khan, Guo Shoujing was responsible for the building of the Tonghui River, the final section of the Grand Canal linking Tongzhou and the center of Dadu (Beijing). This project was a huge success and enhanced the navigation greatly . After the success of this project, Kublai Khan was overwhelmingly pleased and sent him off to manage similar projects in other parts of the empire.
The ancient Ping Jin Floodgate was used at the middle of Tonghui River (Gaobeidian section) to control water level. From Tongzhou to Dadu (Beijing), the east section of the river was much lower than the west section, leading it necessary to have floodgates. The Ping Jin Floodgate was triple-gates ( Lower, middle and upper ). Now only a small part is existent.
2:40pm - 3:10pm - Visit a kindergarten. This nursery is run by a private owner. It is a two-storey building located in the residential area of the village. The nursery is sectioned into three classes ( lower, middle and high ). The children start attending kindergarten at the age of 2 until they are at least 6 years old. You surely forget any worries when you see them.
3:10pm - 3:30pm - Visit a small"People's Commune Museum". The people's communes used to be the highest of three administrative levels in rural areas effective from the year 1958 to 1978. Now they are replaced by townships. As the largest collective units, People's Communes, were divided in turn into production brigades and production teams. The communes had governmental, political, and economic functions.
3:30pm - 4:30pm - Learn to paint a Beijing Opera Mask. Facial mask painting is worth appreciating for its artistic value. The paintings tell the characters's roles. For example, a red face usually represents heroic bravery, uprightness and loyalty; a white face depicts a sinister and treacherous character and a green face symbolizes stubbornness, impetuosity and lack of self-restraint.
4:30pm - 4:50pm - Walk along the Gaobeidian Classic Furniture Street. The 1,500 meters long classical furniture street is located along the Tonghui River in the east part of the Gaobeidian Road. It opened in the 1990s. Now it becomes much larger in these years. The Gaobeidian classical furniture street is a good stage for representing and trading Chinese Traditional furniture. The main type of the furniture is of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Vendors and buyers come from all China, even from many parts of the world.
4:50pm - 17:10pm - Visit the local market in the village. Most of the frequenters of the market come from the local village since the market is a village market where people buy vegetable, fruit, meat, eggs, local snacks etc. Each village or community has one or two fruit and vegetable markets quite convenient for local people to purchase daily necessities. The market offers a wide selection of fruit and vegetable either locally produced or taken from other parts of the country. People can enjoy very good prices when they do shoppping at their own local village or community markets instead of some large markets located in the business centers in Beijing.
5:20pm - 6:30pm - Finally visit a local famer's house, talking with the locals, having tea, taking part in making the dinner-dumpling and having dinner with the family. After the tour, transferred back to the hotel down town.

Price DetailS Based on Per Person

Travelling Party Tour Cost Per Person
1 person $159
2 persons $114
3 persons $104
4 persons $104
5 persons $104
6 persons $94
7 persons $94
8 persons $94
9 persons $94
10 persons up $64
Booking Notes:
1.Price is for reference only, may vary during special holidays and date.
2.Payment Types: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire
3.We keep the right to change the itinerary because of traffic, weather, or any other conditions not under our control.

Price Inclusions and Exclusions of this Beijing Culture Tour

Price Inclusions:
  • All private transfers
  • A local staff will show you around
  • Entrance fees as mentioned
  • Dinner with a local family
  • Englsih Speaking tour guide
  • The above private escorted tour is customized for you, your family or your friends exclusively. No other travelers will join in your group.
Price Exclusions:
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips to your tour guide and driver
  • Any meals which are not specified in the tour itinerary


1.wear attention and climate
Wear casually with comfortable sports shoes and pay attention to the weather and climate in Beijing.

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