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Beijing Hutong Tours

Hutongs are distinctive urban alleys of ancient Beijing. Walking through these long and narrow hutongs, you will experience the original life style of the old city. What's more, you can also take rickshaws to get more fun of the sight-seeing in hutongs during your Hutong tour packages. As one of the must-see scenic spots in Beijing, Hutong won't be neglected in your trip to Beijing.
5 Day Beijing Essence and Great Wall Hiking Tour

5 Day Beijing Essence and Great Wall Hiking Tour

During this 5 days Beijing tour package, you will take 4 hours to have a Great Wall hiking. You will also visit the essence tourist sites of Beijing such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven,Hutong etc. Taking this 5-day holiday tour package to give yourself a wonderful travel in Beijing .This Beijing tour will provides a unique view of the Great Wall with its watchtowers and the wild scenery around it. This hiking tour also provides a great opportunity for photography.

from  $411  p/p

<b>6 Days Beijing In depth Tour</b>

6 Days Beijing In depth Tour

With over 5,000 years history and as the capital of China, Beijing has abundant scenic spots waiting for you to explore. This  Beijing tour pacakge will show Beijing's wonders to you, and it also can be seen as a suitable family tour pacakge for those who want to have a holiday tour with their children.

from  $400  p/p

5 Days Beijing Olympic Sites Tour

5 Days Beijing Olympic Sites Tour

Bird's Nest and Water Cube, which once were Olympic venues, have now become new landmarks of the city. Take a look at these venues while you visit the must-see attractions of Beijing. You will feel satisfactory if you take this elaborately-designed Beijing City Tour, during which you will find more than what you get from the TV or books.

from  $329  p/p

<b>5 Days Beijing Cuisine Experience</b>

5 Days Beijing Cuisine Experience

Beijing cuisine is known throughout the world for its appearance, aroma, and flavour. Its unique style of preparation, cooking and presentation can be traced back to 5,000 years ago. As the capital of China for Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Beijing has developed its own unique cuisines including the food in the imperial kitchens of the Qing Dynasty. In this Beijing Cuisine Tour,you will taste the most famous dishes or styles which found their ways from the imperial court to public restaurants,such as Court Cuisine and Beijing Roast Duck. Beijing Food tour will offer you a special and delightful trip.

from  $499  p/p

6 day Beijing Tour with Extension to Chengde

6 day Beijing Tour with Extension to Chengde

Walking through all the must-visit sites on this carefully-designed Beijing Highlights Tour! Except for the historic landmarks such as Great Wall and Forbidden City, this Beijing Round Trip will extend to Chengde for its magnificent Mountain Resort. During this China holiday tours in Chengde, you can visit Chengde Summer Palace where is the other place for the royal family spending their summer hot weather.

from  $465  p/p

5 Days Essence of Beijing and Nanshan Ski Tour

5 Days Essence of Beijing and Nanshan Ski Tour

In this Beijing tour,you can not only visit best historic sites of Beijing but also have  fun in Nanshan Ski Resort , one of the best ski resorts near Beijing.It's wise for you to choose it when going on your China Beijing Tour.

from  $338  p/p

Beijing Half Day Hutong Rickshaw Experience

Beijing Half Day Hutong Rickshaw Experience

This is a private Beijing  tour with your own tour guide & driver. Immerse in the 300-year old courtyard with detailed account of the hutong and courtyard culture. 30-minute pedicab drive through the most typical hutongs in Beijing. Pass through quaint 800-year-old Tobacco Pipe Lean Street. Ascend the two-storey Drum Tower and so on. This Beijing Hutong trip,as a popular one in Hutong Sightseeing Tour Package,will impress you deeply.

from  $39  p/p

6 Days Beijing Great Wall Hiking and Countryside Tour

6 Days Beijing Great Wall Hiking and Countryside Tour

In this Beijing Tour Package, you will visit some traditional famous scenic spots as well as some unique native areas so you will have a better understanding of the real life in Beijing.The Countryside Tour Package in Beijing is suitable for photographers.You can not miss it.

from  $474  p/p

5 Day Beijing Post Olympic Brilliant Tour Without Hotel

5 Day Beijing Post Olympic Brilliant Tour Without Hotel

Beijing is the capital of China and boasts many of the most important historical attractions. This 5 days Beijing tour package offers you a good opportuniity to know more about Beijing.During this Beijing tour, you  will have a Hutong tour,visit  the Olympic Stadium,hike the Great Wall and so on, all of which will leave you a deep impression.

from  $202  p/p

<b>5 Days Beijing Jundu Ski Tour and Jiuhua Hot Spring Spa Experience</b>

5 Days Beijing Jundu Ski Tour and Jiuhua Hot Spring Spa Experience

In this Skiing Tour of Beijing,you can not only visit historical sites but also enjoy skiing and hot spring,two of the most favorite activities of Beijingers in winter. Ski challenges your senses while a soak in a hot spring relaxes your tired body. It's a good choice of choosing this Beijing Tour Package.

from  $414  p/p

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