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Beijing Foot Massage Relaxing Experience

Beijing Foot Massage

In this Beijing Trip,you will visit Beijing Foot Massage Center.By experiencing traditional foot massage,you can relax yourself and get a better understanding of traditional Chinese way to keep fit.This private Beijing tour will impress you deeply.Foot massage or reflexology has been practised in China since the 4th century BC. Taking this experience to release your pressure completely!
Tour Code:BJ-41
Departure Date:You Choose
Duration: 3 hours
Reasons of choosing this Beijing Tour
  • Experience foot massage to release your pressure

Itinerary of this Beijing Massage Tour

private tour beijing:Foot Massage Foot Massage

Washing your feet in a soup at a foot massage studio is quite trendy in Beijing. Of course, the foot washing is quite different from the way you wash your feet at home. In essence, it is a foot massage with traditional Chinese characteristics, a kind of health-care method. Foot massage helps people relax, strengthens the immune system and maintains the body's natural balance. It has now grown into an industry in China. There are about 26,000 massage outlets licensed in Beijing. They offer foot muscle therapy to tired locals, travellers, businessmen and expatriates.
More About foot massage and its benefits.
Foot massage or reflexology has been practised in China since the 4th century BC. Then, during the time of Song Dynasty, (960 AD -1279 AD), an acupuncturist named Wang Wei, held that every organ in the body is linked to a specific reflex point on the feet. He said the precise and skillful massage of these points can touch the vital functions, do away with toxins, improve blood circulation and calm nerves. The practice was banned during the Cultural Revolution 30 years ago. But in the recent years, foot-massage parlours have mushroomed throughout Beijing again. It has now grown into an industry in China! Foot care is often neglected by many people. Frequently being massaged helps to enhances your health. Foot massage improves the immune system and keeps the body's natural balance. Beides the health-care method, foot reflexology also can at least cure minor ailments, ease head and stomach discomforts. Foot reflexology in the West has gone through various phases of acceptance from the traditional medical community. While once regarded as superstition by Western medicine community, foot massage or reflexology is now being looked at in a more favorable way by both the medical community and the general public.
Foot massage parlours ( reflexology clinics, foot massage studios )
Most of the massage rooms are clean and cozy. On the wall, you will find the wall-chart indicating massage points linking to organs and body areas such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, bladder and lymphatic system. You either choose a big room for gatherings, and a small room for private meetings. People lie side by side in a row of Barcaloungers, relaxing on a sloping bed. So very often the massage rooms are sometimes used as a social place for business negotiation or private meeting. Most of the massage studios are equipped with big TV screens and some offer personal TV set with earphones. All kinds of soft drinks are provided if necessary.
Beijing Masseuse, Beijing Masseurs (reflexologists,technicians)
Many foot-massage technicians are from Henan province, where there is a famous massage school. All masseuse, masseurs should be schooled in reflexology. Their studies includes learning the reflexology points of the hands and feet, and their connection to the relative internal organs. The apprentice lasolearn medical theories, includin the structure of human body, inter-connected relations between the 62 points and all kinds of human organs, as well as rubbing and kneading techniques. Apprentices then spend a period of hands-on training, working alongside with the experienced reflexologists.
How they do on your feet?
First the technician plops your feet in a bucket of hot water mixed with Chinese medicine. The heated medicine warms your feet, which makes your body sweat. After 15 minutes, the masseur or masseuse pull them out, cover them with cream. After your feet have been cleaned, she or he will rubs, scratches and pulls the ski, kneads every point of the soles for 45 minutes.

Price Inclusions and Exclusions of this Beijing Tour

Price Inclusions:
  • Private air conditioned vehicle
  • Entrance fees as mentioned
  • Englsih Speaking tour guide
Price Exclusion:
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips to your tour guide and driver

Remark for this Beijing Tour

1.Wear casually with comfortable sports shoes and pay attention to the climate in Beijing.

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