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Beijing Smart Tours for Honeymoon

Beijing Smart Tour Packages for honeymoon provide you some romantic scheduled tours to pick. Visiting the must-see sites while enjoying the pleasure time with the one you love. To let this tour create a cherished memory in your life. 
<b>5 Days Beijing Cuisine Experience</b>

5 Days Beijing Cuisine Experience

Beijing cuisine is known throughout the world for its appearance, aroma, and flavour. Its unique style of preparation, cooking and presentation can be traced back to 5,000 years ago. As the capital of China for Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Beijing has developed its own unique cuisines including the food in the imperial kitchens of the Qing Dynasty. In this Beijing Cuisine Tour,you will taste the most famous dishes or styles which found their ways from the imperial court to public restaurants,such as Court Cuisine and Beijing Roast Duck. Beijing Food tour will offer you a special and delightful trip.

from  $499  p/p

<b>Badaling Great Wall Hike and Hot Springs Spa Experience</b>

Badaling Great Wall Hike and Hot Springs Spa Experience

Take the Beijing Badaling Great Wall Hike to challenge your ambition then relax in the hot sring spa to enjoy its comfort.

from  $79  p/p

Beijing Royal River Cruising Experience

Beijing Royal River Cruising Experience

Having a  Royal River Cruise starting from Beijing Exhibition Center wharf and arriving at Summer Palace, you will enjoy the coolness on the water while surrounded by charming scenery! This Royal River Cruise Tour is a popular one in Beijing Day Tour Package.

from  $49  p/p

Most Romantic Beijing Day Tour

Most Romantic Beijing Day Tour

In this Beijing Romantic Tour,you will visit the Cuandixia village which is located at about 90km west of Beijing city center. It is well known for its well preserved Ming and Qing dynasty-style houses lived by 70 families. And the Pearl Lake is a reservoir which got its name from the large quantities of oysters in its water. So taking this Romantic Tour Package as your honeymoon tour to enjoy the natural scenery and the Chinese culture.

from  $74  p/p

<b>5 Days Beijing Honeymoon Smart Tour</b>

5 Days Beijing Honeymoon Smart Tour

Do you want to spend a colorful honeymoon in Beijing? Then choose this Beijing cuisine tour to realize your expectation! With most must-see toursit sites, this 5-day trip also provides you a chance to experience deeper Chinese culture through learning Chinese cooking.

from  $499  p/p

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