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China Ethnic Minorities Tours

China is a unified nation consisting of many different ethnic groups. Fifty-six different ethnic groups make up the great Chinese national family. China tour operators in Beijing offer discovery and adventure tours for active and inquisitive travelers who want to explore China minority city in Guizhou ,Xinjing,Kunming .Lijiang and Guilin. These tours  will bring you with incredible natural beauties and colourful Chinese ethnic customs.

4 Days Xian and Mount Hua Tour from Beijing

4 Days Xian and Mount Hua Tour from Beijing

Xian is usually called "the history of China". Visiting the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses and other highlights of Xi'an as well as hiking the Huashan Mountain to appreciate its amazing scenery. This Xian tour from Beijing includes all where you need to visit if you are curious about this ancient China capital. It's wise of you to choose it as your beijing xian tours.

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