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China Natural Scenery Tours

 With a surface of 9,600,000 square kilometers, China has a great variety of natural landscapes. Do you want to visit China for the great natural beauty? China tour operator customize for you China tour packages to Xiamen ,Yunnan ,Yangtze ,jiuzhaigou,Lijiang to show you a splendid China.
<b>Yangtze River Cruise and Classic China Tour</b>

Yangtze River Cruise and Classic China Tour

This Yangtze River Cruise  is the premier one for you to understand the long and mysterious history of China and will add color to your China tour. You will  enjoy the amazing scenery in Guilin,admire the spectacular Yangtze Cruises and  feel the prosperity in Shanghai.Except for the historic and modern cities in Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai, this China vacation package has another highlight which is  Yangtze River Cruise which brings you a totally different tour experience from other China tours. You can not only see the views of North and South typical cities, but also visit the cities alongside Yangtze River Cruise—Chongqing and Yichang.

from  $2023  p/p

<b>Splendid China Tour</b>

Splendid China Tour

This holiday tour in China  involves Xian tour, Guilin tour, Sahnghai tour, which enables you to see the "most beautiful scenery under heaven". As China’s three must see cities, this China tour will bring you a wonderful travel experience.

from  $1614  p/p

China Fantastic Highlights Tour

China Fantastic Highlights Tour

This all inclusive China vacation tour makes you dig deeply the gorgeous sides of these cities such as Beijing,Xian,Guilin, which are cities with great history and extensive culture.So you will have  Beijing tour,Xian tour,Guilin tour all in one tour package. Finally you will  return to the modern Shanghai to feel the harmony of western and eastern cultures that are blended to perfection.This route is the best choice for your family vacation package.

from  $1669  p/p

<b>Yangtze Cruise Encompassed</b>

Yangtze Cruise Encompassed

 This magnificent Yangtze River Cruise Tour  offers a fascinating opportunity to visit modern cities like Beijing and Shanghai, and  the chances to visit natural beauties like Chongqing and Yangtze River.This  vacation package includes the highlight attractions such as the great wall of China as well as beautiful scenery of the  Yangtze River. 

from  $1546  p/p

China Ethnic Villages Quest Tour

China Ethnic Villages Quest Tour

The region of ethnic Miao village exudes an off-the-beaten-path feel of a place that time is in the process of forgetting. Experience the special lifestyles in different cities along the China discovery tour.

from  $1392  p/p

6 Days The Nadam Grassland Festival of Mongolia

6 Days The Nadam Grassland Festival of Mongolia

This China Mongolia tour to show you a magnificent fair of Nadam Grassland festival featuring traditional Mongolian recreational and sporting activity. This travel packages for the festival held from July to August when the flowers are blooming.The activities include song and dance performances and traditional sporting competitions.

from  $611  p/p

Sichuan Leshan Mountain Emei to Yangtze River by Bullet Train

Sichuan Leshan Mountain Emei to Yangtze River by Bullet Train

In this 8 Days China tour fast bullet train from Chengdu to Chongqing will take you to have an epic adventure encompassing inside Chengdu and around-Mt. Emei and Mt. Leshan, from adorable pandas to the spectacular Yangtze River Cruise.This is an unforgettable journey of natural scenery and can be tailored to different levels of requirement of your travel vacation packages.

from  $917  p/p

<b>Fairyland Tour</b>

Fairyland Tour

Which places will be highlights for a traveler in Sichuan? What are the most popular destinations in Sichuan for you to go? This 7 Days Highlight Sichuan Tour will tell you the answer. This tours to China covering all the essential Sichuan tourist places including the capital Chengdu, the picturesque Huanglong Scenic Area and Jiuzhaigou Valley, the magnificent Leshan and the Giant Buddha, and the holy mountain Emei, You will have a 100% “Chuan Wei’er” (Sichuan-style) culture experience in this family vacation packages.

from  $1504  p/p

Shanghai to Hangzhou and Suzhou By High Speed Railway Tour

Shanghai to Hangzhou and Suzhou By High Speed Railway Tour

After shanghai trip,this China holiday packages will focus on a photograph journey to Suzhou, Hangzhou, to appreciate the marvelous natural landscape there. A few hours bullet train makes your trip easy.

from  $552  p/p

8 Days Xinjiang Discovery Tour

8 Days Xinjiang Discovery Tour

This all inclusive Xinjiang tour shows you the biggest province-Xinjiang, which locates in the Northwest of China. With this China discovery tour you will explore the mysterious and fantastic landscapes of Chinese minority area.

from  $1291  p/p

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