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China Natural Scenery Tours

 With a surface of 9,600,000 square kilometers, China has a great variety of natural landscapes. Do you want to visit China for the great natural beauty? China tour operator customize for you China tour packages to Xiamen ,Yunnan ,Yangtze ,jiuzhaigou,Lijiang to show you a splendid China.
10 Days Enjoy the Scenic Yunnan Tour and Mighty Yangtze river Tour

10 Days Enjoy the Scenic Yunnan Tour and Mighty Yangtze river Tour

This 10 days travel packages to China will focus on the incomparable beauty of Yunnan tour and Yangtze River cruise tour. After a tour to bustling commercial city of Shanghai, you will have a comfortable cruise on the mighty Yangtze River.End up your journey in Lijiang  you will come to Yunnan this colorful land with abundant cultural and natural resources.

from  $1325  p/p

<b>China Marvellous Panorama Tour</b>

China Marvellous Panorama Tour

This vacation tour to explore China essence city- Beijing ,Xi'an and Shanghai,and then rest while enjoying the awesome scenery on the Yangtze River tour,Tibet tour, and Guilin tour complete dazzlingly array of some of China's best places .

from  $2974  p/p

<b>Quintessential China</b>

Quintessential China

This China tour packages will take you to the most important historical, picturesque and modern cities in China.You will be amazed at scenery in the Yellow Mount tour,Hangzhou tour,Guilin tour and so on.

from  $2107  p/p

<b>2 Days Guilin Li River Cruise from Beijing</b>

2 Days Guilin Li River Cruise from Beijing

This Guilin Cruise Tour enables you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.During this China city tour,you will appreciate the gorgeous karst peaks, pellucid river with fishermen's boats floating on it.During this Guilin tour you will also experience the tranquil countryside to know more about the rural life and you will visit the fascinating Reed Flute Cave and the symbol of Guilin City –the Elephant Trunk Hill which will make this Beijing Guilin travel unforgettable.

from  $763  p/p

2 Days Hangzhou West Lake Sightseeing from Beijing

2 Days Hangzhou West Lake Sightseeing from Beijing

In this Hangzhou Tour from Beijing,you will visit Hangzhou,a city called "Heaven on The Earth" in China. Visiting the beautiful West Lake, climbing the Pagoda of Six Harmonies and wandering around Qinghefang Pedestrian Street are the best Hangzhou classic tours.

from  $559  p/p

3 Days Datong Yungang Grottoes Appreciation from Beijing

3 Days Datong Yungang Grottoes Appreciation from Beijing

50 minutes' flight takes you from Beijing to Datong. Then you will start your Datong tour by seeing one of China's four most famous Buddhist Grottoes - Yungang Grottoes and the Hanging Temple which dates back to 1500 years ago in Northern Wei Dynasty.This specially designed tour will amaze you deeply.

from  $397  p/p

<b>14 Days Yunnan tour to the Lost Horizon</b>

14 Days Yunnan tour to the Lost Horizon

Besides China essence city Beijing,  Xian ,Shanghai .Yunnan tour will never fail to offer you endless and amazing destinations within its area.Shangri-La, the Lost Horizon portrayed by Mr. James Hilton,if you have already read it and want to find it,you should take this trip to China to see the snow-capped mountains, lakes, trees and water. It is the trip of life, where the souls be purified.

from  $2294  p/p

<b>3 Days Escape to Charming Guilin and Yangshuo</b>

3 Days Escape to Charming Guilin and Yangshuo

This Beijing Guilin tour includes all must-sees in Guilin and Yangshuo,two cities regarded as "places full of natural scenery".This China trvel help you getting away from the hustle & bustle of big city life to one of nature's masterpieces. It's the best choice for your vacation travel or small group China tour.

from  $848  p/p

From Yangtze River to Li River Tour

From Yangtze River to Li River Tour

This China package tour is designed for the river lovers, for it includes the Yangtze River Cruise and the Li River Cruise.So for the river lovers, this may be the best tour to China.The Yangtze river cruise is famous for its length and grandeur as well as its important role in Chinese history and culture, while the  Li River Cruise during your Guilin tour is reputed for its serenity and grace. These two rivers have been the dream for many International friends who want to make package tours to China. After this China tour, you will have a general idea of what China is like.

from  $2736  p/p

3 Days Explore Huangshan from Beijing

3 Days Explore Huangshan from Beijing

If you get tired of the bustling cities, then choose this Huangshan tour, which enables you to escape from your busy life. This Yellow Mountain Tour Package takes you to the famous Huangshan, there you will have a visit to the local village.Huangshan is one of Chinese natural woners which boasts the charming and notable mountains. Meanwhile, what is nestled in its shadow is ancient Hongcun which has become an attraction to native and foreign tourist, with its perfectly preserved and unequaled Ming and Qing Anhui architectural style.This Beijing to Huangshan tour won't fail you.

from  $729  p/p

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