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China Smart Tours for Family

 We welcome you to take our private family tours especially designed for family and family with kids to the  most important China golden triangle city Beijing,Xian and Shanghai.
<b>8 Days Essence China Tour</b>

8 Days Essence China Tour

This is an  Essence China Tour package. In this tour you will visit  two famous ancient capital cities-Beijing and Xian .As you are in Beijing, you will visit The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace. While in Xian, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian Imperial Fine Arts center are waiting for you. Then you will visit all the highlights of Shanghai’s blend of Eastern and Western cultures. This all inclusive vacation package is your best choice for your Travelling in China. 

from  $1139  p/p

<b>Yangtze River Cruise and Classic China Tour</b>

Yangtze River Cruise and Classic China Tour

This Yangtze River Cruise  is the premier one for you to understand the long and mysterious history of China and will add color to your China tour. You will  enjoy the amazing scenery in Guilin,admire the spectacular Yangtze Cruises and  feel the prosperity in Shanghai.Except for the historic and modern cities in Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai, this China vacation package has another highlight which is  Yangtze River Cruise which brings you a totally different tour experience from other China tours. You can not only see the views of North and South typical cities, but also visit the cities alongside Yangtze River Cruise—Chongqing and Yichang.

from  $2023  p/p

<b>6 Days Beijing In depth Tour</b>

6 Days Beijing In depth Tour

With over 5,000 years history and as the capital of China, Beijing has abundant scenic spots waiting for you to explore. This  Beijing tour pacakge will show Beijing's wonders to you, and it also can be seen as a suitable family tour pacakge for those who want to have a holiday tour with their children.

from  $400  p/p

China Fantastic Highlights Tour

China Fantastic Highlights Tour

This all inclusive China vacation tour makes you dig deeply the gorgeous sides of these cities such as Beijing,Xian,Guilin, which are cities with great history and extensive culture.So you will have  Beijing tour,Xian tour,Guilin tour all in one tour package. Finally you will  return to the modern Shanghai to feel the harmony of western and eastern cultures that are blended to perfection.This route is the best choice for your family vacation package.

from  $1669  p/p

6 Days Beijing Lhasa Holy Excursion

6 Days Beijing Lhasa Holy Excursion

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet. This holy land has different yet beautiful natural landscape, religious monasteries and mysterious culture. Explore Tibet's old and sacred Buddhist culture, and get a glimpse of local lifestyle with our Excursion Tour to Lhasa. During these 6 days, you can not only visit the most holy monasteries, but also enjoy spectacular natural scenery.This Beijing Lhasa Tour offers you a chance to get closer to the holy and mysterious place during your Lhasa tour.

from  $975  p/p

<b>5 Days Beijing Cuisine Experience</b>

5 Days Beijing Cuisine Experience

Beijing cuisine is known throughout the world for its appearance, aroma, and flavour. Its unique style of preparation, cooking and presentation can be traced back to 5,000 years ago. As the capital of China for Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Beijing has developed its own unique cuisines including the food in the imperial kitchens of the Qing Dynasty. In this Beijing Cuisine Tour,you will taste the most famous dishes or styles which found their ways from the imperial court to public restaurants,such as Court Cuisine and Beijing Roast Duck. Beijing Food tour will offer you a special and delightful trip.

from  $499  p/p

6 Days Beijing Great Wall Hiking and Countryside Explore

6 Days Beijing Great Wall Hiking and Countryside Explore

Hiking on five sections of the Great Wall, each with unique features for your exploration. This hiking tour also provides a great opportunity for photography.How wonderful the Great Wall tour it is! In this Beijing Tour,you can also see all must-see sites in ancient Beijing to know this city better.It's wise of you to choose this as your Beijing Tour.

from  $584  p/p

6 Days Beijing Great Wall Hiking and Countryside Tour

6 Days Beijing Great Wall Hiking and Countryside Tour

In this Beijing Tour Package, you will visit some traditional famous scenic spots as well as some unique native areas so you will have a better understanding of the real life in Beijing.The Countryside Tour Package in Beijing is suitable for photographers.You can not miss it.

from  $474  p/p

1-Day Beijing to Xi'an Highlights Tour

1-Day Beijing to Xi'an Highlights Tour

Are you desperate to see the Entombed Warrior but with little time?This beijing to xian tour can help you. In this Xian Tour Package,you can enjoy  the highlights and be delivered back to Beijing on the same day.It's a popular one in Top China Tours.

from  $338  p/p

Excellent China Tour for Families With Kids

Excellent China Tour for Families With Kids

This China vacation is designed for family tour with kids at any age. This trip offers a "mobile classroom", allowing you to learn about Chinese culture and science in fun and interactive ways. All  the things in the text books, websites or magazines become real to you and your kids.

from  $1240  p/p

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