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China Travel Agent

From delicate water towns to splendid national cultural heritage, there is lot more to see & experience in China. The country has a vast territory & a long history.
Tourism in China has expanded greatly over the last few decades and the country is expected to become world's second largest travel & economy by 2015.
To make your tour to China, affordable, comfortable, and fun-filled, China Tour Center offers customized packages.
Our travel agency believes in giving you "An authentic experience of China at an unbeatable value".

Why Us?


Value for Money & Customized Tour

We have an unparalleled experience in planning vacations for travelers from all over the world. Moreover, we keep the middleman away from our process, which lets us offer the most affordably priced packages to customers.
All you have to do is tell us your expectations and we will plan a China tour for you.


Our China travel services team constantly reviews the attractions and hotels, so as to provide a truly comfortable experience to our guests.


Our aim is to show you the real China and our team goes to every possible depth to make this happen. We take our clients to real local restaurants and not the regular tourist hangout spots. Moreover, we also arrange a day with local families so that the travelers get a feel of real Chinese life.
Working with the mission to become a leading travel operator in China, we are determined to provide the best of experiences for your travel diary. To know more about how we work or our team, Get in Touch Today!

Our Travel Guarantee

Tailor-Made your Tour

Tell us what you need and we'll arrange your china tour - your timetable, your speed

Unlimited changes, No charge


We use real local restaurants, not tourist hangouts

Visit local families to experience real Chinese life

No Risk

NO risk of being outdone on value

NO risk refund

NO risk of forced shopping


Attraction, hotel and travel service providers constantly reviewed

24/7 advice number in China