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Classic China Tours

 We offer best valued China vacation packages for vacationers from the world. All our vacations are hand selected and well designed to show you the best of China:  our best sellers, include China's "must see" sights and the most popular destinations among first-time travelers to China ,The ancient and modern China of Beijing, the Entombed Warriors in Xian, the metropolis city in Shanghai, the stunning beautiful city of Guilin,  the Yangtze, the longest and most spectacular river in China, and also you can discover the mysteries of sacred Lhasa.  They voted with their feet for best tours that showcase the most famous and beautiful attractions in China.

<b>China Marvellous Panorama Tour</b>

China Marvellous Panorama Tour

This vacation tour to explore China essence city- Beijing ,Xi'an and Shanghai,and then rest while enjoying the awesome scenery on the Yangtze River tour,Tibet tour, and Guilin tour complete dazzlingly array of some of China's best places .

from  $2974  p/p

<b>China Silk Road and Yangtze River Cruise Tour</b>

China Silk Road and Yangtze River Cruise Tour

This China all inclusive trip composes of Yangtze river cruise tour and China silk road tour,which helps to  make your holiday in China a perfect one.

from  $2770  p/p

<b>3 Days Cruise Harbour Transfer from Tianjin and Beijing Journey</b>

3 Days Cruise Harbour Transfer from Tianjin and Beijing Journey

 Described as "one of the world's great cities", Beijing has been an integral part of China's history for centuries. This Beijing tour starts with a private transfer from Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing and includes all of the "must see" sights in Beijing.By this small group tour,you can have a better understanding of a city blessed with more than 5,000 years of history.And you can also enjoy the cruise in Tianjin Port.You will certainly have an unforgettable China tour.

from  $287  p/p

Culture Experience Beijing Xian Tour

Culture Experience Beijing Xian Tour

During this 5 days China City Tour,you will start from Beijing then go to Xian. You will visit  the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven in Beijing and Terracotta Warriors & Horses and Muslim Quarter in Xi'an to experience Chinese history and cultures. This China city tour will not fail you.

from  $849  p/p

China Essence Tour with Suzhou Garden Tour

China Essence Tour with Suzhou Garden Tour

 During this China essence tour, you will go to Beijing,Shanghai,Xian,Suzhou to visit the main tourist attractions in China such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City,  the Terracotta Warriors and so on.So you can feel the blended cultures in Shanghai.Enjoy Suzhou tour with its many beautiful gardens that will leave you to say "Suzhou is paradise on Earth!

from  $1274  p/p

Explore China History Tour

Explore China History Tour

This 2 weeks private China tour will take you to visit many important historical and cultural sites in China. It allows you to go to Beijing,Xian,Guilin, you can get a direct taste of the Chinese culture and experience the local customs.  Whether you take a vacation for family or take a China business trip,you will be satisfied with this China tour .

from  $2124  p/p

Qiantang Tide and Classic China Tour

Qiantang Tide and Classic China Tour

Take this best vacation package and join us to watch the marvelous spectacle of the surging tide in Qiantang Rive.Meanwhile this  all inclusive China trip  allows you to visit the Great Wall, The Forbidden City , Entombed Warriors ,Yangtze River cruise,which can make your holidays tour in China more interesting .

from  $2303  p/p

<b>Quintessential China</b>

Quintessential China

This China tour packages will take you to the most important historical, picturesque and modern cities in China.You will be amazed at scenery in the Yellow Mount tour,Hangzhou tour,Guilin tour and so on.

from  $2107  p/p

China Ancient Capitals Tour

China Ancient Capitals Tour

This five days Beijing Xian tour will  take you to the famous Chinese capital Beijing and historic ancient  city Xian. During this Beijing to Xian tour you will be deeply impressed by the Great Wall in Beijing and the Terra Cotta Army in Xian.So this China City Tour won't fail you.

from  $781  p/p

4 Days Pingyao Inspiration Tour From Beijing

4 Days Pingyao Inspiration Tour From Beijing

Once a center of trade and finance in ancient China, Pingyao still remains much its appearance as it did hundreds of year ago and is the best well-preserved old city in China.Pingyao ancient city is the representative of Chinese ancient architecture and a miniature of its old times. This Pingyao Tour to China will leave you a deep impression.It's wise of you choosing it as your China tour.

from  $278  p/p

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