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We are committed to giving our customers an authentic China experience not just something staged for tourists. Read feedback written by our customers about their experiences in China after they have returned home. These include the ratings and comments on attractions, guides, activities, hotels and food. All these comments will do a lot to help you arrange your own China Travel.

China tour Center provided my wife and I with an excellent experience at an unbelievable price.

We saw and did a great variety of things,Great Wall, Forbidden City and Terra Cotta army,west lake,Yangtze River cruise.

we are impressived not only the sightseeing but also the Chinese culture and the people.

All the local guide are wonderful, especially our Beijing local guide,LiLi consider us as her part of family. We certainly relished the attentive care that was given to us on this wonderful trip.... More

Customer Name:Upton| Country:England

We have went back home on May 26th.Both of us are very tiring, so I writed the email after two days later and we just want to thanks for the wonderful tour in Beijing . Amelia she very take care of us,she show us many amazing place with her great knowledge of the history and perfect English speaking.The driver Mr Zhang he is very polite man with his skilful driving to make us feel safe on each place.We are very appreciated that he helped us take our heavy luggage all the way to the departure hall in the airport.... More

Customer Name:Brian & Danielle | Country:Canada

This is email from Betty and Francis.we just want you know Lee.She is wonderful guide,she know our all the requirements in the tour of Beijing. We had high expectations and she managed to exceed all of these expectations.Her English is very good,and she is friendly and patient .
Mr Du, our driver, were very punctual and he drove us safely through all the traffic.He is very professional and skillful with his driving.We are very enjoyable our tour in Beijing.We think that we should come back for next time.
We will definitely be recommending your company and our guide Lee to my friends.... More

Customer Name:Betty and Francis| Country:England

We return home 2 days later,how about you ? I just want to tell you what a wonderful experience we had with our tour in Beijing.Carol our tour guide she was very informative, helpful and friendly,her English excellent.Thanks Carol to show us the highlight of Beijing,The Great Wall,Tiananmen square,Forbidden city... More

Customer Name:Mason & Katelyn| Country: Brazil

My wife and I would therefore like to thank you and your team for being wonderful trip for us.
U have wonderful service not only the guide but also the driver. They were both extremely friendly and helpful. Sean he is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions to the best of their abilities.He explained everything and more about Beijing. Our guide he is very energy coming with us all the way up to the top of the wall.... More

Customer Name:Nathaniel and Alexa| Country:Cuba

Pingyao city was a nice change of pace from the bustling cities in traditional Chinese stytle.

My wife absolutely loved the Beijing Hutong with rickshaws.while I thoroughly enjoyed the LiRiver in Guilin which is so lovely.

We are both love the Peking Duck dinner,the duck meat so tender and delicious,I think you have good recommendation on our intinerary.Our local guide Nicole,LiLi,Frank in Beijing Xian Shanghai all of them are exellent one.we had learnt a lot of Chinese history culture and Chinese people and the Chinese way of life.... More

Customer Name:Canada| Country:Trista & Jeff

Thanks for you arrange the amazing trip for our family.We did great private tour with my family.on Mutianyu Great Wall.... More

Customer Name:Evan| Country:Norwegian

I had dream to come to China,so I have save money for serveral years berore we are coming.I excitedly began to search on the internet for tour companies.After I weighed the pros and cons of the companies that I researched I finally chose China Tour Center. So,I did 2 weeks trip in China with my mother son and my husband.It was fabulous!... More

Customer Name:| Country:

Beijing tour was superb!We love the city and we love China.We are definitely to come to China again.Jerry attention to all of us in every way,extensive knowledge, sincerity, friendliness in addition to 100% professionalism was exceptional!!I have traveled many country in the world and nerver encountered such a professional company. Your service is wonderful,People like this will continue to make your business successful.... More

Customer Name:Harold & Nancy| Country:Scotland

My husband and I we are both very impressive for the Beijing one day trip.Although it is short time in Beijing,but we saw a lot.... More

Customer Name:Juan & Ariana| Country:New Zealand

We returned home on early Sunday morning. Tomorrow,we will start to work,but we are still very miss our trip in Beijing.Thank you good organizing for our tour.Peter did good job for our Beijing tour.He speak excellent English, had a great deal of knowledge about the Beijing sites.And he was very educational to answer all the questions from my husband.He was very flexible  for the arrangement with regards to changed itinerary.... More

Customer Name:Jamie| Country:Canada

This is the email from Carlos and Bailey in Australia . We just visited Beijing and went to the Gongfu show in red theatre which our guide recommend us,the show is fantastic and we are very impressive for that.... More

Customer Name:Carlos and Bailey | Country:Australia

I like the Beijing tour very much.I feel very comfortable and enjoyable with the guide and driver. Love the hotel Day in forbidden city,we could see many locals.
It is good arrangements in the Shichahai bar street in the evening.Here I can see many Beijing Hutongs and such beautiful scenery around the lake.... More

Customer Name:Garrett| Country:Fiji

    We have arrived home on May 5,we just want to say ,the tour was excellent. I really want to thank our tour guide Rose. He is very good, friendy and polite. During our tour she try her best to satisfy our needs.We leant a lot the history and culture in Beijing.We really love the city with her showing us all of these. As guide, we are so surprised with her language speaking ability.She can speak fluently in Spanish and English with a little bit Germany.... More

Customer Name:Jean| Country:Us

We’d like to thank you for organizing our one day Great Wall tour in Beijing.We had lovely day in Beijing Great Wall hiking.The Mutianyu Great Wall so beautiful and we enjoy it very much. Our guide and driver they both had friendly personalities and we felt vey relaxed and comfortable travelling with them .... More

Customer Name:Jay & Carol| Country:England

Claire and i want to tell you how much we enjoy the tour to China on the first week of July.... More

Customer Name: Claire & Gavin| Country:Philippines

I have been traveled many country in the world but I have never seen a guide like Jack.He was humor,he is fantastic,he love his job with all his heart.... More

Customer Name:Joseph| Country:United States

Your company has created a masterpiece blend of the typical tour sites (The Grat wall,Li River ,etc)... More

Customer Name:Elton Faithe.J & Miles| Country:Australia

This China private tour was exceptional value.
China Tour Center they did many private tour for visiting different cities of China.All the small family tour are very privacy flexible and easy to arrange. I was apprehensive about the quality for the the price.However, we stayed in first-class hotels, and quality meal and great experience... More

Customer Name:Herman| Country:Denmark

 Oh, my goodness.Everyday was unexpected,we got so much surprised.... More

Customer Name: Rachel| Country:Canada

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