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Clementine from Canada review 11 days China tour packages

Nov 18,2012

Dear Han:
I went on this trip with my wife, I have travelled quite a bit independently and was was a little concerned about taking a package tour.

I could see the tour would be less expensive and easier than trying by ourselves.The guideand van turned to be great!We saw much more than we would have without the guides and the car, and never felt trapped.We always had a case of bottled water on the car, and shared snacks.I am very enjoyed the private tour with my friends without other travelers.

Our guide was a seasoned professional, and took full responsibility for ensuring that everyone was comfortable and having fun every day of the trip.I am a vegetarian ,They took us to some good local restaurants,and we could order on the menu by ourself with the help of guide.

And the meal were really good.All the restaurants were carefully selected by the tour company.

I would recommend China Tour Center to anyone going to China, particularly anyone who hasn't been there before and wants to pack a private tour to China.The trip is a nice mix of historical sites and natural beauty.

Warm regards,

china tour review
china tour review