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Hannah adview 7 days China private tour

Jul 18,2012

Hello Jason,
My fmily and I we were impressed by the quility of the meals and hotel.

Our first Chinese meal was in the Hutong -- at a home where the lady was proud to show us her home with her family. Every dish she brought from her tiny kitchen was more luscious than the one before.Meals got more elaborate as the days went by.Our guide taught us how to us chopsticks.With the days going,some of us became expert.From the emperor home "Forbidden City" to the Bund in the metropolis city Shanghai,from the bustling city streets to the lovely lake and parks of Hangzhou, we grew more amazed.

we saw many Chinese tourists who came from different province.

Many families had come from far parts of the country to view the sights in amazement as we were doing.Some stopped for coversation, a photo, and even a hug!Most Chinese students came over to Practice theri oral English.we had lots of laughing during our trip. We started to love the county and the people.


china tour review
china tour review