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Rachel from Canada review 14 days China trip

Nov 14,2013

Hello Jerry:
 Oh, my goodness.Everyday was unexpected,we got so much surprised.

I was nearly to forget my birthday on last week friday.But my tour guide LiLi she has prepare a big birthday cake during our dinner time,we are so surprised and exciting and I think this is best celebration I had never before.each day’s journey seemed to exceed the previous days.

The contrast between the big cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the countryside we visited when we went to the Pingyao ancient town was quite interesting.You have to exclamation of Chinese culture and history.

What is the best thing which made our trip especially memorable, it was being with the people of China, the children especially.We saw many Chinese people who are the local famers from different province.They are sinple and friendly.We took many many photos with them. And Tom, our tourguide, was outstanding,he give us heart to our family. We will remeber him for long time.

china tour review
china tour review
china tour review