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4 Days Essence Tour Of Hangzhou

See must-see senic points in Hangzhou

This Hangzhou tour covers lots of the must-see attractions in Hangzhou such as the West Lake,which is the most popular one.It also includes the most unique spots and things only available in Hangzhou,which enables you to have an authentic feeling of Hangzhou local life.This Hangzhou tour is a favorable one in China tour packages.
Tour Code:HZ-03
Tour Days:4Days
Departure Date:You Choose
Reasons of Choosing this Hangzhou Tour
  • During this China City Tour,you will visit Hangzhou,a city famed as "Heaven on Earth".
  • Experience an unforgettable China tour with your own private guide and driver.
Tour Dates Destinations Services Provided Meals Included
Day 1 Hangzhou Arrive in Hangzhou, Flight not included /
Day 2 Hangzhou The West Lake(including the Island on the lake), Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies PagodaXiejie,Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant Breakfast,Lunch,
Day 3 Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park, Hu Qingyu Hall Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum, The Former Residence of Hu Xueyan,Huang Fan Er Restrant, Meijiawu Tea Plantation and Tea Shop Breakfast,Lunch,
Day 4 Hangzhou Hotel to airport Transfer (Hangzhou) Breakfast

Itinerary of this Hangzhou Tour

Day 1

Place & Transport: Arrive in Hangzhou
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Hangzhou)

Day 2

Place & Transport:Hangzhou
Today's Activities: The West Lake(including the Island on the lake), Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant

The West Lake(including the Island on the lake) (1 hour),Lingyin Temple (2 hours),Six Harmonies Pagoda (30 minutes)

china private tour:The West Lake The West Lake
china private tour:Lingyin Temple Lingyin Temple
china private tour:Six Harmonies Pagoda Six Harmonies Pagoda

West Lake: World-known for dainty landscape of lakes and mountains as well as a mass of places of historic interests, the West Lake of Hangzhou is considered A Paradise on Earth. It was included in the World Heritage List on June 24, 2011 as the only Chinese lake in that list. The pretty of the West Lake not only lies in the lake itself but also in the surrounded bridges, pavilions and dozens of matched hills. Though the height of these hills are all not exceeding 400 meters, they are graceful on account of unique peaks, bizarre rocks and elegant springs, all together enhance the lake’s appeal to compose a gorgeous picture with the West lake in the middle, resembling all the stars bend towards the moon.
Lingyin Temple : Lingyin Temple (Temple of Soul’s Retreat), also called Yunlin Temple, is a famous ancient Buddhist monastery survived for over 1600 years in south regions of the Yangtze River.Seated in Fei Lai Feng Scenic Area in the northwest of West Lake, and hidden between the unique Flying Peak and the Northern Peak of Lingyin Mountain, Ling Yin Temple serves as a quiet and secluded tourist attraction with lavish plants, thick cloud and mist, gorgeous landscape and valuable cultural relics.
Six Harmonies Pagoda: The pagoda was once maintained in 1900 with 13 storeys of wooden eaves galleries being added around the pagoda (with two eave galleries for one floor), creating a unique style that this seven-storey pagoda is seems like a 13-storey one in the appearance. Originally built in 970 during Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), it is said that the Six Harmonies Pagoda was constructed under the suggestions of two Chan masters to suppress the river tides (according to the Buddhism), and the name of the pagoda is from the six stipulations of Buddhism. Destroyed later due to warfare, the existing Six Harmonies Pagoda of Hangzhou was rebuilt in 1163 during Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) in a timberwork with seven storeys and eight faces.
Six Harmonies Pagoda:Zhang Sheng Ji is a popular old Hangzhou restaurant whose philosophy is that food doesn't have to be fancy or use exotic ingredients to be delicious. Duck casserole and West Lake vinegar fish are the first dishes that come to mind for most people when Zhang Sheng Ji is mentioned.

Day 3

Place & Transport:Hangzhou
Today's Activities:Xixi National Wetland Park, Hu Qingyu Hall Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum, The Former Residence of Hu Xueyan,Huang Fan Er Restrant, Meijiawu Tea Plantation and Tea Shop

Xixi National Wetland Park (2.5 hours). Hu Qingyu Hall Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum (1 hour).The Former Residence of Hu Xueyan (1.5 hours). Huang Fan Er Restrant. Meijiawu Tea Plantation and Tea Shop.

china private tour:Xixi National Wetland Park Xixi National Wetland Park
 china private tour:Meijiawu Tea Plantation and Tea Shop Meijiawu Tea Plantation and Tea Shop
 china private tour:Hu Qingyu Hall Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum Hu Qingyu Hall Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum

Xixi National Wetland Park: Located in the west if Hangzhou, and 5 km away from the West Lake, Xixi Wetland is a farmland wetland in the urban area which is rare in China even in the world.Xixi Wetland is a network of rivers, Together with the Xihu (Chinese pronunciation of West Lake) and Xiling, Xixi wetland is one of the Tree "Xis" of Hangzhou. As an oasis in the urban area, it is honored as the first national wetland park in China, Chinese wetland museum and national base of environment protection and popular science.
Meijiawu Tea Village:Meijiawu Tea Culture Village, located in the west of the world-known West Lake and hailed as "ten miles Meiwu" for its vast area along the Meiling Road, is an ancient village with a history of 600 years.Inhabited by more than 500 households, Meijiawu Tea Culture Village is picturesque surrounded by mountains and waters; it is a main production base and a protected area of the fragrant West Lake Dragon Well Tea, and a leisure tourist spot featured with tea culture in farm style. It has obtained many a title, such as "A landscaping village in Hangzhou", "Civilization Village", "Patriotic Education Base in Zhejiang Province", "Hangzhou Top ten agricultural demonstrated area", "National agricultural tourism scenic site", and the like.

Day 4

Place & Transport: Depart Hangzhou, Flight not included.
Today's Activities: Hotel to airport Transfer (Hangzhou)

Price Details Based on China Tour

Price Detail with hotel
Nov.1 - Mar.31 Superior Deluxe Economy Single Room Supplement *
1 person $1284 $814 $724 -
2-5 persons $704 $454 $414 $392/$163/$115/
6-9 persons $564 $324 $304 $392/$163/$163/
Apr.1 - Oct.31 Superior Deluxe Economy Single Room Supplement *
1 person $1514 $904 $724 -
2-5 persons $804 $504 $414 $508/$200/$115/
6-9 persons $704 $374 $304 $508/$200/$115/

Hotels Arranged in this Hangzhou Tour

City Superior Deluxe Economy
Hangzhou Sofitel Westlake Hangzhou Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Enjoyor Hotel

Price Inclusions and Exclusions of this China tour package

    Price Inclusions:
  1. 1. All transfers and city transportation for your own use.
  2. 2. Entrance fees and meals as mentioned.
  3. 3. Private car or van with English speaking guide
  4. 4. 3 nights two sharing stay at Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven.
  5. 5. The above private escorted tour is customized for you, your family or your friends exclusively. No other travelers will join in your group.
    Price Exclusion:
  1. Tips to your tour guide and driver.

Booking Notes of China tour package:

Q: Is this a private tour, or will there be other people in the car or van with us?
A: This is an exclusive private half day Tour. Once your tour is confirmed, that tour will no longer be available to anyone else except for your own traveling party.

Q: Can we upgrade to a luxury and centrally located hotel?
A: Yes, You can. Sunworld Hotel Beijing or Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing is a good choice. Please contact our trip advisors for a upgraded hotel with new quotatons.

Q: I need very flexible schedule. For example, if we feel tired, can we change the plan and go back to the hotel instead of carry on the rest of the day schedule?
A: Yes, you can since it is a private tour. You have the right to change your finalised itinerary within reasonable scope. Usually you cannnot deduct the cost for your unfinished tour.

Q: We've heard a lot about the terrible food on the organised tour. Can you elaborate on the meals included?
A: For most of our pre-arranged Beijing China tour packages you take, we arrange delicious Chinese lunches or dinners at nice restaurants during your trip.

Q: What about the tour guide?
A: They all have the official licenses for tour guide service. They all love their work and are ready to render their good services to you.

Q: How about the vehicle?
A: For all the small private tours you book through us, we arrange the cars or vans like Red Flag ( Chinese National Car ), Hyundai Sonata; Van Refine 10 or Van Mercedes MB100. If you prefer deluxe or super deluxe cars or vans, please feel free to consult our trip advisors for new quotations.

Q: How about the driver?
A: All the drivers have the official licenses with over 5 years' driving experience. All drivers select the most dynamic route, observe local traffic regulations. Refrain from smoking, eating and drinking in the passenger's presence.

Q: Are gratuities included?
A: If you feel you enjoyed yourself and had a great time, gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: The tour runs rain or shine.

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