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Qinghai Tours

Qinghai Tour will show you Qinghai Lake.Qinghai Lake in Xining  is the largest inland/salt water lake in China. Literally meaning 'emerald green lake' in Tibetan and 'blue sea' in Mongolian, It is completely surrounded by a range of high mountains, at the foot of which lie sprawling grasslands that extend on to the water. The scenery is at its most breath-taking during the summer and autumn, when the grasslands and trees are at their most verdant green, are scattered by herds of sheep and cattle and acre upon acre of rape and wheat crop wave in the wind on nearby farm plots.A China Biking Tour in this beautiful place is highly advised.
Qinghai Lake Cycling Tour

Qinghai Lake Cycling Tour

This Qinghai Tour will give you an opportunity to go cycling around the Qinghai lake.Qinghai Lake is the largest salt-water lake in China. The10-day Trip to Tibet will provide you an amazing opportunity to experience Qinghai’s natural scenery, rich culture and exotic foods. The high altitude, the area’s stark beauty, the mixture of culture and natural history, and limitless photographic opportunities, all of which will leave you a deep impression.

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Qinghai Lake With Lhasa Tour

Qinghai Lake With Lhasa Tour

This China City Tour will take you to Qinghai.“Qinghai” means a blue sea in Mongolian. It is a fascinating inland alpine lake in Northwest China. Over the centuries, its splendid scenery and rich aquatic resources have attracted millions of tourists and numerous valiant pioneers who admire it for its vastness, splendor and mysteriousness.There are lots of wonderful things waiting for you. So don't miss this China City Tour.

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