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15 Days China Silk Road Tour

15 Days Beijing, Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang, Xian, Shanghai Tour

This four-star China discovery tour takes you from Imperial China to the sparsely-populated desert  of the Chinese frontier.The itinerary of this China package tour for you helps you to enjoy China silk road tour as well as a trip to Suzhou.
Tour Code:SR-03
Destination:Beijing, Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang, Xian,SuZhou, Shanghai
Tour Days:15 Days
Departure Date:You Choose
Reasons of choosing this China package tour:
  • This China discovery tour helps you to explore Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang and the frontier towns of China with their minority style culture.
  • This China silk road covers 15 days and 7 cities.
Tour Dates Destinations Services Provided Meals Included
Day 1 Arrive in Beijing, the capital of China. Airport Transfer (Beijing) /
Day 2 Beijing Tian An Men Square , Forbidden City ,Temple of Heaven B,L
Day 3 Beijing Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall, Ming Tombs B,L
Day 4 Beijing,Urumqi Transfer to the airport for your flight to Urumqi B,D
Day 5 Urumqi Regional Museum, Erdaoqiao Bazaar,Heavenly Lake B,L
Day 6 Urumqi,Turpan Emin Mosque, Karez Well B,L
Day 7 Turpan,Dunhuang ruined city of Gaochang , the underground tombs of Astana, Flaming Mountains, and Bezeklik Caves B,L
Day 8 Dunhuang Singing Sand Mountain,and Crescent Moon Lake B,D
Day 9 Dunhuang Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park,Mogao Caves B
Day 10 Dunhuang,Xian Transfer to the airport and fly to Xian B
Day 11 Xian Terra-cotta soldiers, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the City Wall. B,L
Day 12 Xian,Shanghai Hanyang Tomb, Fly to Shanghai B,L
Day 13 Shanghai Yu Garden , the French concession, Shanghai Museum and Nanjing Road B,L
Day 14 Shanghai,Suzhou Drive to Suzhou,Lingering Garden and The Garden of the Master of Nets,Drive back to Shanghai. B,L
Day 15 Depart Shanghai Transfer to the airport for your flight to the next destination. The whole tour ends with a memorable experience. B,L

Itinerary of this China tour

Day 1

Place & Transport:Arrive in Beijing, the capital of China.
Today's Activities:Airport Transfer (Beijing)

Day 2

Place & Transport:Beijing
Today's Activities:Tian An Men Square ,Forbidden City ,Temple of Heaven
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

china silk road tour: Temple of Heaven Temple of Heaven
china silk road tour: Forbidden City Forbidden City
china silk road tour: Tiananmen Square Tiananmen Square

Tian'anmen Square:Located at the heart of Beijing, it is the largest one of its kind in the world. In the morning, the grand flag-raising ceremony is held, and the nightfall, the flag lowering ceremony is conducted. The flag-raising ceremony has become the most attractive and sacred ceremony in Tian’anmen Square. This immense courtyard is also the site of various historical events. It is surrounded by significant edifices such as the Chinese Revolution History Museum, the Mao Mausoleum, the Great Hall of the People, and the Heavenly Peace Gate.
Forbidden City:Also called as the Palace Museum, it is the largest and the best preserved Imperial Palace in the world. Forbidden City houses numerous rare treasures; it’s splendid painted decoration, royal architectural wonder, the grand and deluxe halls will certainly satisfy one’s curiosity. In 1987, it was listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.
Temple of Heaven: Located in the southeast of Beijing City proper, the Temple of Heaven was first constructed in 1420. The temple was built specifically as a place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvests. Main buildings in the temple take blue as the basic color, symbolizing the color of heaven. In 1998, it was included in the Worl Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO.

Day 3

Place & Transport:Beijing
Today's Activities: Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall, Ming Tombs

china silk road tour: Badaling Great Wall Badaling Great Wall
china silk road tour: Juyongguan Great Wall Juyongguan Great Wall
Ming Tombs Ming Tombs

Badaling Great Wall:Badaling section of the Great Wall is within Yanqing County, one of the two counties in Beijing. The wall is about 80 kilometers northwest from downtown Beijing. Dadaling Grat Wall is actually a mountain pass of the Jundu Mountain. It is recorded that the Badaling Great Wall was built to protect the Juyongguan Pass ( Juyongguan section of the Great Wall ) on its south, further protecting the city of Beijing. Badaling is an ancient military defense project. It is about 1,000 meters above sea level.
Juyongguan Great Wall:Juyongguan Pass is situated in a valley named "Guangou" as long 20 kilometes, which is within Changping District over 50 kilometers north from downtown Beijing.

Day 4

Place & Transport:Beijing, Urumqi
Today's Activities:Transfer to the airport for your flight to Urumqi
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

Day 5

Place & Transport:Urumqi
Today's Activities:Regional Museum, Erdaoqiao Bazaar,Heavenly Lake
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

 Karez Wells Karez Wells
china silk road tour: Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake

Erdaoqiao Bazaar:Erdaoqiao is situated at the Erdaoqiao Block of South Jiefang Road in Urumqi, where you'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and many antique items. The market has special space for grand ethnic songs and dances performances, and the folk street is furnished with a miniature landscape of Xinjiang's attractions.
Heavenly Lake: Heaven's Lake, located in the Heavenly Mountain range (Tianshan), 115 km northeast of Urumqi, is possibly one of the most beautiful sights in China. The large clear water lake covered with a backdrop of tall pines littered over rolling hillside and snowcapped mountains is like an image from a painting
Regional Museum:Located in the modern downtown of Urumqi, Xinjiang Regional Museum tells visitors stories from the past. The museum was founded in 1953, covering an exhibiting area of more than 7,800 sq meters (about 1.93 acres). There are usually three kinds of exhibitions in the museum.Over 50,000 cultural relics that have been excavated in Xinjiang are now on display in the exhibition hall. Ancient pottery, porcelain, terracotta figures, silk and even scriptures are on the list.

Day 6

Place & Transport:Urumqi,Turpan
Today's Activities:Suleiman Minaret, Karez Well
Meals:Breakfast,Chinese Lunch

china silk road tour:Suleiman Minaret Suleiman Minaret

Karez Wells: Karez Well is reputed as one of the three major construction projects in ancient China, together with the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. The history of this unique underground irrigation system can be traced back over more than 2,000 years: The combined lengths of the underground Karez channels in Xinjiang amounts to 5,000 meters.
Suleiman Minaret: Built in 1777 to commemorate the brilliant military legacy of Turpan's ruler, Emin Khoja, Suleiman’s Minaret is one of Urumqi’s most iconic landmarks. Known as the Turan Pagoda among locals, the tower is nevertheless completely Uyger in its design, with distinct Arabic features and a central Asian flavour that betrays the history of this region.

Day 7

Place & Transport:Turpan,Dunhuang
Today's Activities:ruined city of Gaochang , the underground tombs of Astana, Flaming Mountains, and Bezeklik Caves
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

china silk road tour: Flaming Mountains Flaming Mountains

ruined city of Gaochang: Gaochang Ancient City located at the east of Turpan, the city-state that ruled the area from the 9th century to the 13th. The city was actually founded a few hundred years earlier than that, and gradually became known as a trading post on the Silk Road.
Astana Tombs : Astana was the public cemetery of the ancient Gaochang residents, both aristocrats and commoners. However, among 456 excavated tombs in Astana Tomb, no King of Gaochang has been found. The dead in Astana Tomb were placed on an earthen or wooden bed in the back of the chamber; they had wood in both hands and wore cotton, linen or silk clothes.
Pass through the Flaming Mountain :Flaming Mountains are so named because in the evenings the red clay mountains reflect the heat and glow of the desert and seem to burn. Under the blazing sun, the red rock glows and hot air curls up like smoke as though it were on fire, hence its name.
Bezeklik Caves:also known as the Bizaklik Thousand-Buddha Caves, is located in a gorgeous valley of the Flaming Mountains. More than 100 caves were hewn out of this cliff face between the 6th and 9th centuries by Buddhist monks who farmed the valley below. They were abandoned at about the same time as Gaochang Ancient City and Jiaohe Ancient City after the Muslim take over of the region in the late 14th century.

Day 8

Place & Transport:Dunhuang
Today's Activities: Singing Sand Mountain,and Crescent Moon Lake

china silk road tour:Crescent Spring Crescent Spring

Singing Sand Mountain:The mountain is five kilometers (about three miles) away from the city of Dunhuang. Seen from afar, the mountain is just like a golden dragon winding its way over the horizon. As you approach you become aware that the sand has many colors ranging from red to yellow, green, black and white. On days when a strong wind blows, the fast shifting sand roars; but when the wind is little more than a light breeze, the sand produces gentle, dulcet sounds akin to music.
Crescent Moon Lake:Crescent Spring (Yueya Quan) is in the Singing Sand Mountains (Mingsha Shan), 6 km (4 mi) south of Dunhuang. It is an oasis in the desert. The spring's name derives from the crescent-shaped lake formed by the spring water between two huge sand dunes. Although the area is very dry, the pool doesn't dry up as one might expect.

Day 9

Place & Transport:Dunhuang
Today's Activities:Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park,Mogao Caves.

china silk road tour: Mogao caves Mogao caves

Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park :Situated 180 kilometers in the northwest away from Dunhuang City, the Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park is the largest one of Yadan Landform found so far. The park stretches twenty-five kilometers from north to south and about two kilometers from east to west. It features the unique and wonderful scenes and landscapes of gobi desert.
Mogao caves:Mogao Grottoes are located precipice at on the east foot of the Mingsha Hill. First dug in 366 A.D., Mogao Grottoes is one of three noted grottoes in China for its fabulous frescos and statues. Today, the total number of Mogao Grottoes is 492 in which there are over 2,800 sculptures and 45,000 square meters of murals.

Day 10

Place & Transport:Dunhuang,Xian
Today's Activities:Transfer to the airport and fly to Xian

Day 11

Place & Transport:Xian
Today's Activities:Terra-cotta soldiers, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the City Wall.

china silk road tour:  Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Warriors
china silk road tour: Big Wild Goose Pagoda Big Wild Goose Pagoda
china silk road tour: City Wall City Wall

Xian City Wall:The first landmark visitors will encounter in Xian is the ancient City Wall, which stretches round the old city. It is also one of the most famous attractions in Xian. Today, this wall represents one of the oldest and best preserved Chinese city walls, as well being one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world.
Terracotta Warriors and Horses: The Terracotta Warriors and Horses wre excavated in 1974 and the museum was built at the site in 1979. It is a sensational archeological find of all times that has put Xi’an on the map for tourists. The museum has three pits of terracotta warriors and horses, forming a huge legion. Altogether over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots, and even weapons have been unearthed from these pits. Most of them have been restored to their former grandeur.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda:The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, or Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, was built in 652 during the Tang Dynasty and originally had five stories, although the structure was rebuilt in 704 during the reign of Empress Wu Zetian and its exterior brick facade renovated during the Ming Dynasty. One of the pagoda many functions was to hold sutras and figurines of the Buddha that were brought to China from India by the Buddhist translator and travelers Xuanzang. Now this well-preserved holy place for Buddhist has been the symbol of Xian.

Day 12

Place & Transport:Xian,Shanghai
Today's Activities:Hanyang Tomb, Fly to Shanghai

china silk road tour:Hanyang Tomb Hanyang Tomb

Hanyang TombHanyang Mausoleum is the first ruin museum of Chinese ancient emperors’cemetery.Hanyang Mausoleum, locating on the Xianyang Plateau about twenty kilometers north of Xi’an city, is a cemetery that buries both the fourth emperor of West Dynasty Hanjing Emperor called Liuqi and his empress Wangshi in one tomb but in two coffins.

Day 13

Place & Transport:Shanghai
Today's Activities:Yuyuan Garden , the French concession, Shanghai Museum and Nanjing Road

china silk road tour: Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan Garden
china silk road tour: Nanjing Road Nanjing Road
china silk road tour: Shanghai Museum Shanghai Museum

Yuyuan Garden:Yuyuan Garden is the only fully restored classical Chinese garden in Shanghai. It was inaugurated in the Ming dynasty and has a total area of 20,000 square meters. Although the Garden occupies less than five acres, demonstrates perfectly the sophisticated art of combining several different elements to create a world in miniature - ingeniously mingling pavilions and corridors, small hills and carefully selected and well-placed rocks, lotus ponds, bridges, winding paths, and trees and shrubs.
Nanjing Road:It is regarded as the first commercial street in Shanghai. It was first built in 1851. Now Nanjing Road has turned into the number one site for shopping in the city. The large traditional stores no longer dominate the market since modern shopping malls, specialty stores, theaters, and international hotels have mushroomed on both sides of the street.
Shanghai Museum: Shanghai Museum is a large museum of ancient Chinese art. With bronze ware, ceramics, and painting and calligraphy as its distinctive collections, the museum boasts 120,000 pieces of rare and precious cultural relics in 21 categories.
Shanghai French Concession: Shanghai French Concession, also known as French town, is a famous place for its historical factors. During the period from 1849 to 1946, it is a foreign concession in Shanghai. Due to its location covers the districts of Lukawei and Xujiahui, the main police depot and prison of the French concession is in Lukawei area, while Xujiahui is the centre of Catholic Shanghai. So Shanghai French Concession is also the centre of Catholicism in Shanghai.

Day 14

Place & Transport:Shanghai,Suzhou
Today's Activities:Drive to Suzhou,Lingering Garden and The Garden of the Master of Nets,Drive back to Shanghai.

china silk road tour: Garden of Master of Nets Garden of the Master of Nets
china silk road tour: Lingering Garden Lingering Garden

Lingering Garden:Covering 23,330 square meters, the Lingering Garden is a typical garden in Qing Dynasty. It boasts its fine gardening, luxurious and spacious hall, and collection of stones from Taihu Lake by which people can be freshened up without going out the city. In 1997, Lingering Garden was inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Garden of the Master of Nets: The outstanding feature of this small but elegant garden is that it combines living quarters with the landscape garden. The physical center is a pond surrounded by roofed walkwaves and pavilions, and decorated with trees, flowers and rockery. In short, there're scenes beyond scenes, and gardens within the garden. Buildings are perfectly well-spaced instead of being crammed. A small area of water and rockery is made to seem large.

Day 15

Place & Transport:Depart Shanghai
Today's Activities:Transfer to the airport for your flight to the next destination. The whole tour ends with a memorable experience.

Price Details Based on Per Person

Price Detail with hotel
Nov.1 - Mar.31 Luxury Standard Economy Single Room Supplement *
1 person - - - -
2-5 persons - $2950 - $550/
6-9 persons - $2450 - $550/
Apr.1 - Oct.31 Luxury Standard Economy Single Room Supplement *
1 person - - - -
2-5 persons - $3100 - $650/
6-9 persons - $2550 - $650/

Booking Notes:
1.Price are for reference only, may vary during special holidays and date.
2.The prices above are based on two persons sharing one standard room. If you prefer a single room on your own, please pay single room supplement.

Price Inclusions and Exclusions of this China discovery tour

Price Inclusions:

  • Airport private transfers
  • Entrance fees and meals as mentioned
  • Private car or van with English speaking guide
  • Hotel fees based on two people sharing one room with twin beds
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes
  • China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance
  • Luggage Transfers Between airports and hotels
  • Arrangements

Price Exclusion:

  • China Entry Visa Fees
  • Excess Baggage charges
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips to your tour guide and driver
  • Any meals which are not specified in the tour itinerary.
  • Single Room Supplement.
Remark for this China tour:
    Wear casually with comfortable sport shoes and pay attention to the climate in each city.

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