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Top 10 Beijing Tour

We offer the most competitive Beijing Tours options - from group packages to tailor-made private itineraries, hotels, flights and train tickets ,guided by our experienced travel consultants. According to recent feedback from our customer and consideration by China Tour Center trip operators, we selected "Top 10 Beijing Tours" for you travel reference. you are guaranteed to get the best view of Beijing and incredible experience of China.You are welcome to compare our service with that of other operators as we are confident that you will find that we offer great value at an economical price.Ok , do not feel hesitate, take one travel packages from Beijing for your family and friends.
<b>4 Days Essence Beijing Tour</b>

4 Days Essence Beijing Tour

Beijing is famed globally for its rich, fantastic history and culture and hospitable people which make Beijing travel experience greatly different from others. In Beijing  Sightseeing tours,you will see many man-made wonders like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven.It's one of the best Beijing City Tours and you can not miss it.

from  $290  p/p

<b>4 Days Classic Beijing Tour</b>

4 Days Classic Beijing Tour

Five thousand years of Chinese culture and history are enough to attract you to its capital Beijing. During this 4 days Beijing tour, you will walk on the Great Wall, explore the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven ,which are the main contents of this China city tour. Taking a rickshaw or cycling through the Hutong lanes, enjoying the gardens in Summer Palace will also be included in this Beijing Tour. The images in your mind will become true as we show you the essence of Beijing's history and culture in 4 days.

from  $260  p/p

5 Day Beijing Essence and Great Wall Hiking Tour

5 Day Beijing Essence and Great Wall Hiking Tour

During this 5 days Beijing tour package, you will take 4 hours to have a Great Wall hiking. You will also visit the essence tourist sites of Beijing such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven,Hutong etc. Taking this 5-day holiday tour package to give yourself a wonderful travel in Beijing .This Beijing tour will provides a unique view of the Great Wall with its watchtowers and the wild scenery around it. This hiking tour also provides a great opportunity for photography.

from  $411  p/p

<b>6 Days Beijing In depth Tour</b>

6 Days Beijing In depth Tour

With over 5,000 years history and as the capital of China, Beijing has abundant scenic spots waiting for you to explore. This  Beijing tour pacakge will show Beijing's wonders to you, and it also can be seen as a suitable family tour pacakge for those who want to have a holiday tour with their children.

from  $400  p/p

5 Days Beijing Olympic Sites Tour

5 Days Beijing Olympic Sites Tour

Bird's Nest and Water Cube, which once were Olympic venues, have now become new landmarks of the city. Take a look at these venues while you visit the must-see attractions of Beijing. You will feel satisfactory if you take this elaborately-designed Beijing City Tour, during which you will find more than what you get from the TV or books.

from  $329  p/p

6 Days Beijing Lhasa Holy Excursion

6 Days Beijing Lhasa Holy Excursion

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet. This holy land has different yet beautiful natural landscape, religious monasteries and mysterious culture. Explore Tibet's old and sacred Buddhist culture, and get a glimpse of local lifestyle with our Excursion Tour to Lhasa. During these 6 days, you can not only visit the most holy monasteries, but also enjoy spectacular natural scenery.This Beijing Lhasa Tour offers you a chance to get closer to the holy and mysterious place during your Lhasa tour.

from  $975  p/p

6 days Spectacular Great Wall Hiking Tour

6 days Spectacular Great Wall Hiking Tour

This Great Wall Tour offers a good opportunity for people whose imaginations is running wild and  who enjoy exploration and adventure in all different sections of the Great Wall, thus getting a great feel from this wonder of the world. Walking for about 9-10km per day within 4-5 hours. This is a truly authentic Great Wall experience and the best Beijing theme tour.

from  $584  p/p

6 Days Beijing City Highlights Tour (without hotel)

6 Days Beijing City Highlights Tour (without hotel)

You can see all the prestigious highlight attractions in Beijing during this 6 days Beijing group tour, such as Tianan men Square,Badaling Great Wall, Summer Palace and so on. And this Beijing highlight tour  will present you a charming Beijing from various sides.

from  $314  p/p

<b>4 Day Essence Of Beijing Seat in coach Sight seeing</b>

4 Day Essence Of Beijing Seat in coach Sight seeing

Five thousand years of Chinese culture and history are waiting for you during your Beijing tour package! Walking on the Great Wall, exploring the Forbidden City, visiting the iconic Temple of Heaven,taking a rickshaw or cycling through the Hutong lanes,appreciating the gardens in Summer Palace, all of which are included in this Beijing essence tour.

from  $193  p/p

6 day Beijing Tour with Extension to Chengde

6 day Beijing Tour with Extension to Chengde

Walking through all the must-visit sites on this carefully-designed Beijing Highlights Tour! Except for the historic landmarks such as Great Wall and Forbidden City, this Beijing Round Trip will extend to Chengde for its magnificent Mountain Resort. During this China holiday tours in Chengde, you can visit Chengde Summer Palace where is the other place for the royal family spending their summer hot weather.

from  $465  p/p

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