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3 days Nanjing tour experience

A nice sleep and woke up naturally till 9am, then we started our Nanjing tour from the Zhonghua Gate of Nanjing City Wall with our private tour guide Lee, as well as car and bus. Here you can see more examples of Chinese ingenuity like the inner stone gate and upper level soldiers quarters that ensured enemies and invaders were trapped. It was amazing to see that evert brick were marked with maker's names, which means the supervisor could find the cause. The lines of soldiers guarding the approach to the top of the stone gate wall weve also very impressive.

confucius-templeOur second stop was the Confucius Temple. Surrounded by the Qinhuai River and lanes of interesting shops where we could picked up a few souvenirs and a snazzy pair of sneakers for about $5, Nanjing Confucius Temple area is a popular area for local tourist groups and families. During the lovely spring, autumn time, people would ride on the river and have a taste of the local food specialities in the Ming Dynasty architecture buildings. Actually, we did. BTW, the smelly tofu was surprisingly delicious! Worth a try.


Nanjing Station is rather a modern busy "airport" with displays of the train numbers, platforms and departure times, bilingual announcements of boarding times, etc. It's too easy to find our waiting hall and the carriage and quickly settled into lovely seats. D-train was really that you are looking forward to, the smooth, sleek, 330KPH, a combination of modern industrial achievements.

Days spent in Nanjing was nice and impressive, especially the nice work of Nanjing Station, people there made this station a firs-class station.