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Last year, My mom and I had a wonderful summer trip to Da Lian. Personally speaking, Da Lian is the perfect summer resort (some of my friends say, Chengde in Hebei province is very nice, very quiet, less crowded and the huge imperial buildings, but I had no chance to be there, so the best summer resort in China is still Da Lian). Though the beaches in Dalian are filled with small rocks rather than smooth sand, the weather was mild and pleasant, as you walk along the beach, the summer breezes bring up the fragrance of ocean, and the winds from ocean blows away the hot of summer. Crab-hunting game is so funny and loved by my Mom, so do I. Everyone in Da Lian seems to be in a laid-back mood, enjoying every moment of their free time. Besides, the coastal villa-like hotel is so good. Living there, we forgot the time is still running.

DalianDalian is a beautiful and seaside city. The beach of tiger locates the central of south seaside in this city. After this we visited the world of under the sea. It includes the Polar Region Embassy Coral Embassy and the Sea Living Beings Embassy. We came to Polar Region Embassy. It is divided into six parts after built. First part is the polar animal shows. Main display is the Antarctic and Arctic marine animals. In simulated people can watch the white whale walrus polar environment in the North Sea Lions fur seals sea otters polar bears diving birds penguins and other rare animals of the polar. The second part is the polar experience. In the polar environment in real-ice snow people can experience cold Aurora touch the polar bears and reindeer and experience the Eskimo. The third part is the popular science education zone. Where you will watch the whale chapters fight highlights underwater world without water there can be for visitors in person action computer platform. Here you can find about the polar region oceans and animals of all kinds of scientific knowledge. That will be built in the polar Museum show South Arctic survey articles scientific expedition photos Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition member signature flag standard scientific exploration team used items such as clothing skis there are specimens of the Eskimo dog Arctic Polar animals such as wolves as well as the use of high-tech means to popularize knowledge of polar science. Part four is the mysterious underwater world. Here you will show in the water for the world largest shark in the pool to view more than dozens of varieties more than 300 sharks thousands of fish show. There are 360 degrees of water in the channel and viewing Hall in water midst most beautiful At the bottom of a glass in the East side of the world largest 8 meters high width 6 meters thickness of 0.45 meters. This is called a unique in the world. Marine life viewing area you will see high crabs leafy Sea Dragon jellyfish seahorses nautilus rays fish grouper sturgeon and other precious marine biology.


We have wonderful days!