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Dear Top China Trip

I'm in the Shanghai Ever bright International Hotel now, and our team are going to say bye bye to China next morning and back to our home. All of us found it is too hard to say bye bye to China, especially to our Shanghai tour guide Jane, the little Chinese girl. We love her. Still we have to do something before our departure, let's begin.

Our tour guides, Lee in Beijing, Yang in Xian and Jane in Shanghai, all of them are well informed, knowledgeable and energetic. With them at every sightseeing spots, even in some small restaurants and some not well equipped public hotels, people would be astonished by our licentious sounds of laugh. BTW, all of us think the waiting time for lunch and dinner is too long, though the dishes itself is very delicious. Since you use the same restaurants, can you require the restaurant to prepare the food earlier, so we can save the waiting time and back to hotel or bus to have rest.

yuyuan-gardenWe then visited the Yu Garden in Shanghai. This garden is made up of several individual gardens and buildings, for example, one building is dedicated to good planting while another is dedicated to good harvest. The garden was built roughly 400 years ago.


In the afternoon we visited the Bund waterfront park. From here we were able to see the expanse of new high-rise developments throughout the East bank of the river. The development throughout Shanghai is occurring at a pace that seems nearly out of control. For example, according to our guide, David, Shanghai had about 150 high-rise buildings 10 years ago. Now it has over 2000 high-rise buildings. Many of the buildings are designed and engineered by foreign design firms and the architecture is modern and fascinating in its variety.

Best Wishes to all of you