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Fanstastic Fenghuang

FenghuangI have visited this wonderful place, and it took my breath away.  The sensory overload, the food, hospitiable people, all makes for a wonderful time.  Take time to walk along the banks of the river, taking in the restaurants, food stalls, and gift shops, as well as the lively bars.  Marvel at the lights and observe the women washing along the banks of the river. I would recommend this as a number one destination for any visitor.


Tourist attractions:

(1) Besides the Fenghuang Ancient Town, Fenghuang County is also famous for its Huangsiqiao Ancient Town, its Ancient Great Wall in the South, and its Qiliang Cave. Tourists can take a bus from the County Long-Distance Bus Station to all these scenic spots.

(2)The way to save time is to visit Huangsiqiao Ancient Town and the Ancient Great Wall in the South at first from Tongren and then go to Fenghuang by bus from the Ancient Great Wall in the South, 3 yuan/p.

(3) Fenghuang County is a place inhabited by national minorities such as the Miao and Tujian, so it features strong ethnic charm. Tourists can enjoy the Miao customs by visiting the Shanjiang Miao Village. If you are lucky, you may have a chance to experience the Miao's local fair in Allaying.

Accommodation and food:

(1) Tourists are recommended to stay in the houses on stilts along the riverside. A night stay costs 20 to 30 yuan per person. The hotel Home on the Tuojiang River is the best choice. Miao can entertain you by singing folk songs.

(2) Fenghuang has many local snacks, of which the sugarcoated ginger is a must for tourists. There is a snack store beside Shen Congwen's former residence. The sugarcoated ginger this store offers is the best of its kind, so it is sold at a higher price. Another local delicacy is meat fried with mushrooms.