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Shanghai for foods

cuisine in ShanghaiWhile having China tour, no matter in which season, month, you will find that Shanghai has its unique food specialities for you. Besides the local Shanghai Crab, the splendid, sweet Shanghai Cuisine, Shanghai is also famous for its national tastes. From Spanish to Turkish, form Japanese to Irish, the food styles in Shanghai are hard to count. Prices also range from a few dimes to hundreds of dollars a dish. My favorite part of the foodies' experience in Shanghai is the breakfast items.


Wherever you are coming from in the world, you will find something for your plate in Shanghai. The mystery of Shanghai continues as you walk along the street passing happy people humming or singing, both young and old, as they go about their busy lives. That very evening you can witness, as I did, four policemen or licence inspectors swoop down on a street vendor and push, shove and loudly bully this very scared old man. When you hear the 'police' shouting "Shagwa!" (Stupid Man or Jerk), pushing the vendor back and forth among them and throwing his pots and pans on the back of their truck, you know that he is being made an example for the rest of the vendors! Don't mess with the uniforms, they are still very much in control!

Oh I did find St. Ignatius 'Cathedral' nestled in among the glass skyscrapers. It is some 400 years old and looks it! It had its twin spires pulled down by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution but they have since been replaced. I haven't been to a Service there yet but judging from the building it is going to be an adventure in itself!

Since March, passengers transferring to other international flights at Pudong within 24 hours have also been exempt from double border inspections. It's the first time the practice has been used at airports on the Chinese mainland. So it is very convenient for us foreigners. Shanghai is nice place to visit!