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Xian Memories Tour

4 Day Essence Xian Tour

Xian tour will bring you back to the ancient China. As an old city with thousands of years, Xian tour is increasingly popular among  China City Tours. Xi'an's many treasures will be opened to provide you the lifelong memories. The Terra-Cotta Warriors is a highlight.Besides Xian has much more to offer.So this Xian City Tour won't fail you.
Tour Code:XA-04
Departure Date:You Choose
Days:4 Days
Reasons of choosing this Xian Tour
  • Take this Xian tour to get closer to ancient China.
Tour Dates Destinations Services Provided Meals Included
Day 1 Arrive in Xi'an transferred to the hotel /
Day 2 Xi'an Terracotta Warriors and Horses,Big Wild Goose Pagoda,Muslim Street,Tang Dynasty show B,L
Day 3 Xi'an Shaanxi History Museum,Xian City Wall,Forest of Stele Museum B,L,D
Day 4 Departure Xi'an leave Xi'an B

Itinerary of this Xian Tour

Day 1

Place & Transport:Arrive in Xian, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Xian)

Day 2

Place & Transport:Xian
Today's Activities: Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an Imperial Fine Arts center
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

Xian Tour: Terracotta Warriors and Horses Terracotta Warriors and Horses
Xian Tour:Big Wild Goose Pagoda Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Terracotta Warriors and Horses: The Terracotta Warriors and Horses wre excavated in 1974 and the museum was built at the site in 1979. It is a sensational archeological find of all times that has put Xi’an on the map for tourists. The museum has three pits of terracotta warriors and horses, forming a huge legion. Altogether over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots, and even weapons have been unearthed from these pits. Most of them have been restored to their former grandeur.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda: The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, or Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, was built in 652 during the Tang Dynasty and originally had five stories。Now this well-preserved holy place for Buddhist has been the symbol of Xian.
Xi'an Imperial Fine Arts center: Xi'an Imperial Fine Arts mainly manufactures jade carvings and lacquer ware. Tourists can learn how the fine Chinese jade carved and the function of jade.

Day 3

Place & Transport:Xian
Today's Activities: Shaanxi History Museum,Xian City Wall,Forest of Stele Museum
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch,Dinner

Xian Tour:Qianling Tomb Qianling Tomb
Xian Tour:Maoling Mausoleum Maoling Mausoleum
Xian Tour: Famen Temple Famen Temple

Qianling Tomb: Built in 684 AD, the mausoleum is the joint tomb of Emperor Tang Gaozong (Li Zhi, 628 A.D.-683 A.D.) and Empress Wu Zetian (624 A.D.-705 A.D.), the only Empress in Chinese history.
Maoling Mausoleum:The Maoling Mausoleum is located about 40km north of Xi'an City. It was the tomb of Emperor Wudi of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD). It is grand in scale, and it is the biggest mausoleum of all the imperial mausoleums of the Western Han Dynasty. In 1981, more than 230 pieces of cultural relics were found in the eastern satellite tombs including such items as the gold-plated copper horses, gold-plated and silver-plated bamboo smoke stoves and copper warming stoves. They are all rare art treasures. Hundreds of the cultural relics found in the mausoleum are now on display in the Maoling Mausoleum Museum.
Famen Temple: It locates to the west of Xian city and sits in the 120km Fufeng County. The temple has a history of 1700. This Buddhist temple, which records mention as far back as 67AD, contains a 13-storied brick pagoda as part of the monastery. This pagoda fell down in the rain in August, 1981 and revealed a 1000 year old underground vault full with 2,400 treasures of the Tang and previous dynasties given as offerings. These included gold and silver utensils, glazed wares, porcelains, pearls, precious stones and textiles, as well as religious items. The biggest treasure is a finger bone of Buddha offered to the Emperor of China during the Tang dynasty. Heshi Buddhist Pagoda was built in Famen Temple in May 2009. It is in the shape of two palms with ten fingers clinging together. It is the tallest Buddhist pagoda in the world.

Day 4

Place & Transport:Depart Xian, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Shaanxi History Museum, Xian City Wall with Bicycle, Hotel to airport Transfer (Xian)
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

Xian Tour:Shaanxi History Museum Shaanxi History Museum
Xian Tour: Xian City Wall with Bicycle Xian City Wall with Bicycle

Shaanxi History Museum:In the southern part of Xian about one kilometer northwest of the Greate Wild Goose Pagoda stands the Shaanxi History Museum, a large State-grade Museum, which covers an area of seven hectares. It consists of a group of magnificent Tang-style palaces.
Xian City Wall with Bicycle: The walls, ramparts, gates and watchtowers form one of the oldest and most complete city defenses still around. Built in the 13th century on the foundations of the original Tang Forbidden City surrounding the city centre, it is a major landmark, and the best preserved, as well as the oldest and largest of the city defense systems in China. We operate this with bicycle. If the weather is not good for biking on the city wall, we will substitute a visit to the Bell Tower. Your guide will be very glad to take you the Bell Tower after you have been to look at the city wall.

Price Details Based on Per Person

Price Detail with hotel
Nov.1 - Mar.31 Superior Deluxe Economy Single Room Supplement *
1 person $832 $739 $662 -
2-5 persons $484 $441/td> $399 $201/$148/$101/
6-9 persons $399 $356 $314 $201/$148/$101/
Apr.1 - Oct.31 Superior Deluxe Economy Single Room Supplement *
1 person $1062 $866 $739 -
2-5 persons $611 $518 $441 $305/$195/$113
6-9 persons $518 $424 $356 $305/$195/$113

Hotels Arranged in this Xian Tour

City Superior Deluxe Economy
Xian Sofitel on Renmin Square Xian (or same class) Grand Noble Hotel (or same class) Xian Skytel Hotel (or same class)
Booking Notes:
1.Price are for reference only, may vary during special holidays and date.
2.The prices above are based on two persons sharing one standard room. If you prefer a single room on your own, please pay single room supplement.

Price Inclusions and Exclusions of of this Xian Tour

Price Inclusions:
  • Airport private transfers
  • Entrance fees and meals as mentioned
  • Private car or van with English speaking guide
  • Hotels fees based on two people sharing one room with twin beds
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes
  • China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance
  • Between airports and hotels Luggage Transfers
  • Arrangements
Price Exclusion:
  • China Entry Visa Fees
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips to your tour guide and driver
  • Any meals which are not specified in the tour itinerary.
  • Single Room Supplement.
Remark for this Xian Tour
Wear casually with comfortable sport shoes and pay attention to the weather.

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