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Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China, is the nation's political, economic, cultural, educational and international trade and communication center. Located in northern China, close to the port city of Tianjin and partially surrounded by Hebei Province, it also serves as the most important transportation hub and port of entry.

Beijing is just like a melting pot embracing people from all over the world,if you want to visit it, have a thorough study of this Beijing travel guide,which will add colour to your Beijing tour.
Traveling in Beijing can be both intriguing and frustrating. Many travelers can be frustrated when trying to find the best sightseeing, eating and sleeping arrangements. Read on to find some Beijing travel tips to help you get the most out of your Beijing experience.

Beijing has numerous sights that should be seen if visiting the city. It is possible to see the absolute highlights in a day, but allow a week to see it thoroughly. A one or two day visit requires very careful selection when choosing which sights to see. If you are in a hurry, we recommend the following attractions: The great wall, the outstanding feature of China's ancient heritage; The forbidden city , the best preserved and largest imperial place in the world; and the Hutong, which epitomizes old Beijing.

Transport, hotels and attractions are extremely busy during the Chinese New Year (usually in January or February) and the week-long holidays of International Labor Day (May 1) and National Day (Oct 1). If you expect to visit Beijing during these periods, it is suggested that you place your booking at least one month in advance.

We  China tour Center provide various Beijing Tours ranging from one day to a week or ever longer to cater for our customers personal needs. Most importantly, we are pleased to offer tailor-made services to visitors who want to make a tour fit their own circumstances and interests.

Be warned, although it's definitely not hard to book a Beijing tour, please be cautions when selecting the company you use. Some travel agencies who offer seductively cheap prices are only doing so in an attempt to rip travelers off, by taking them to less attractive sights, or by taking them to endless tourist shops or factories. We at China Tour Center the quality of our tours.

Beijing Weather differs greatly between seasons and travelers are advised to check the weather before departure. Autumn is probably the best season to visit Beijing. During national holidays prices are higher and everywhere is more crowded. The main national holidays are Spring Festival, which affects transport for 2 weeks or so every year between late January and early March, Labor Day Golden Week (May 1-7) and National Day Golden Week (October 1-7).

Nighttime entertainment is considered by many travelers to be one of the highlights of their travels. Beijing won't disappoint in this area. The city has a flourishing entertainment industry. As the veil of night descends, bars, karaoke joints and night clubs all open their doors. Some special shows featuring authentic local culture, such as Beijing Opera and Chinese acrobatics are increasingly popular among foreigners.

Chinese cuisine, with its complexity and variety in taste, is definitely one of the finest pleasures that a visitor can experience in China. Beijing is a gastronomical paradise, where hybrid cuisines from throughout the country are served. Everybody should try not to miss the chance to eat Peking Duck. Many restaurants serve this dish, but the best one is Quanjude Restaurant. You may also opt to try other dishes, such as imperial era food, noodles and hot pots. Wangfujing Street is filled with stalls serving a great variety of snacks at night. Wangfujing is the main pedestrian street in Beijing. You can't miss it.

Beijing has many good hotels to cater for those looking for a luxurious stay. The budget hotels cluster at the city outskirts, while the hotels in the city center are often relatively expensive. Travelers are strongly advised to book a hotel through a reliable travel company, whose good relationship with hotel owners often guarantees a preferential price.

Most travelers want to take home some bargains or souvenirs. The best things to buy in Beijing are Cloisonné and fresh water pearls.

Post Office

There are offices around street corners in Beijing, so it would be quite convenient for  tourists to post mails and packages.

Beijing Attractions

Beijing Things to do

The Things To Do In Beijing:Beijing has rich cultures.If you want to know it well.You must know the things to do in Beijing.Explore its glorious past,as well as feel its modernity.

Beijing Things to do

Beijing Shopping

Beijing Shopping

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