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Beijing Military Museum

Location:No.9 Fuxing Rd ,Haidian District, Beijing.
Opening Hours:8:30 ~ 17:30( Apr. 1 ~ Oct. 31); 8:30 ~ 17:00(Nov. 1 ~ Mar. 31)
Ticket-offering Time: 8:30 ~ 17:00( Apr. 1 ~ Oct. 31); 8:30 ~ 16:30(Nov. 1 ~ Mar. 31)

It is closed on Monday every week.

How to Get There

The museaum is easily reached on subway line 1, as well as Bus 205, 308, 78, 99, 1, 728, 68, 337, 320, 21 and 65.


Situated on the No.9 Fuxing Road, it was constructed in 1959. It was constructed to celebrate the tenth anniversary for the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is the only military museum in China, occupying more than 93,700 square meters (23 acres), and half it is dedicated to the history and culture of Chinese Army. The main building is 94.7 meters (about 310 feet) tall and divided into 7 floors, and the building has two wings of 4 stories. On the top of the building shines the gild Badge of Chinese Army. The name for this one was given by Chairman Mao, and now the plaque with the name hangs above the front gate. The bronze gate is 4.9 meters (16 feet) tall and made of cartridges. On the two sides of the gate stand white marble statues of heroic aeroamphibious soldiers and possemen.

Articles on Display

Ancient Armory

Armoury used during the Anti-Japanese War : Military Uniform, Cannon, telescope, medic appliances, communication appliances, seals, declarations and strategies.

Modern Armory

Ammunition, Tanks, Ballistic Missiles, Ships and Jets.

Diplomatic Gifts

Over 500 gifts, each of which has a diplomatic story behind it, are on display. These representative gifts are handpicked from thousands of gifts presented to China by different countries.

Old Photos

Photos taken during the wars that happened from 1840 to 1960.

Here are some tips to take note of:

1. Admission is free but you must show your identification card or passport to receive a ticket.
2. The maximum number of visitors is 30,000 per day, so if you want to enjoy it, you should arrive early.
3. Take care to leave your baggage in the allocated areas before entering it.

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