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Simatai Great Wall

International Recognition

With its fantastic scenery and precipitous topography, the Simatai Great Wall is a remarkable place for sightseeing, hiking and exploration. It has been acknowledged by the UNESCO as one of the World Cultural Heritages.

Admission Fee:CNY 40
Cable Way:CNY 50 (Round Trip); CNY 30 (One Way)
Reach the 8th gate tower in the eastern section
Trolley to the Peak:CNY 30 (Round Trip); CNY 20 (One Way)
Slippery Rope plus Boat:CNY 35
Boat: CNY 10

How to Get There

1)Take a bus from Beijing Dongzhimen long distance bus station to Fengshan, Hebei. It will take you to Gubeikou from where you can climb to Simatai.
2)Take bus No.980 to Miyun County from Beijing Dongzhimen long distance bus station. From Gulou Dajie Street in Miyun County, there are taxies to Simatai.
3)Take a bus to Chengde City at Dongzhimen long distance bus station. The bus will pass Simatai, and you can ask the bus driver or the bus ticket seller to stop there.


Simatai Great Wall is one of the main Beijing tourist attractions,if you want a complete sightseeing in Beijing ,include it in your Beijing package tour.

For adventurers and hiking fans, Simatai section of the Great Wall is more attractive than the other two sections Badaling and Mutianyu. Simatai Great Wall is situated in the Gubeikou Town in the northeast of Miyun County, Beijing. This well-preserved and undeveloped site possesses the most charming scene of the Great Wall. With the breath-taking landscape surrounding the glorious Great Wall, Simatai is the best choice for adventurers and photographers.

Originally built during the Northern Qi Dynasty and rebuilt in the Hong Wu years of the Ming Dynasty by Qi Jiguang, this section of the Great Wall is the only part of the wall that retains all the original features of the Ming Dynasty wall. The bricks used to build the walls here were stamped with the date on which they were made and the code numbers of the armies that made them. It not only incorporates a variety of styles of other parts of the 10, 000-li-long wall, but also displays some unique characteristics. People who had been there always use the following words to description it: perilous, dense, diverse, ingenuous, and peculiar.

Simatai Great Wall is densely dotted with watchtowers; the nearest two are only 44m apart. The walls are in single, double and trapeze forms and the watchtowers are sometimes round in shape and composed of 2 or 3 floors. Even the roofs of the towers are diverse: some are flat, some cymbi form and some domical shapes. There are two springs called the 'Mandarin Duck Springs' at the foot of Simatai Great Wall. The east one is cold, while the west is warm. The 2 springs join into one lake so half the lake is cold and the other half is warm. In winter, hot steam rises from the lake, forming a marvelous spectacle.

People who walk along the Simatai Great Wall will appreciate the attractive scenery along the ancient brick wall. And the most interesting thing for people to find is the characters written on the aged wall. Contents on these bricks such as "Made by Qiangzi Camp", "Made by the left camp of Shandong in the 6th year of the Wanli reign" and "Made by the infantry camp of suppressing enemy troops in the 6th year of the Wanli reign" will tell the original appearances and historic records of Simatai Great Wall.

Kind Notice:

The wall has been closed to the public for major renovation since June 17, 2010. All the ticketing offices and related facilities are gone. As for the reopening time, further notice is to be released.Tourists are suggested to alter their plan to Jinshanling, Mutianyu, Gubeikou or other sections.

Warm Prompt

a. Badly out of repair for years, the wall is noted for its great danger. Simatai Reservoir divides it into the two sections (eastern and western) which are connected by a suspension bridge. Cable car can reach the 8th gate tower in the eastern section. For safety concerns and the protection of the wild wall, visitors are only allowed to climb to No.12 gate tower in the eastern section. Do be careful when you are with kids.

b. Prepare enough water. The water is sold almost at every gate tower. But a bottle of water of 500 ml will charge visitors about CNY 10, which is much more expensive than the normal price.

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