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South Gong and Drum Lane

Location:Southern Gong and Drum Lane, South Gate, Dianmen East Street, Dong Cheng Qu.

How to Get There

1)Take Subway Line 5 to Beixinqiao (Exit D) or Zhangxizhong Station (Exit A) . Then walk westwards for about 15 minutes to the destination.
2)Take Bus 108, 201 and get off at Bingmasi.
3)Take Bus 104, 107, 113, 204 and get off at Jiao Dao Kou .
4)Take Bus 701 and get off at Di'anmen Dong Station.
5)Take Bus 108, 201 and get off at Bingmasi


Famous and wealthy Manchu families used to live there. The Manchus were the people who ruled the Qing Empire (1644-1911). The lane is now about 786 meters or about half a mile long and about 8 meters or 9 yards wide. It was an area for wealthy families even during the Ming Empire period (1368-1644). In the early 20th century, Nationalist political leaders, artists and literary figures used to live there.


The South Gong and Drum Lane is one of the main Beijing tourist attractions,if you want a complete sightseeing in Beijing ,include it in your Beijing package tour.

The South Gong and Drum Lane has the reputation of being one the oldest hutongs in Beijing. This street is now a favorite shopping, bar and restaurant street for tourists and expats, and some of the stores and restaurants are owned or staffed by expats. So for example, you can find authentic Indian food in a restaurant owned b y real Indians, buy shirts at a t-shirt shop owned by a British man, or shop for ceramics in a store staffed by a Philipina. The owners of the shops and restaurants know how to cater to foreign tastes. Some of the places are upscale and designed for expat executives working in the area. The street is popular among young people, and it is less expensive then upscale places in Beijing like Hou Hai. So it is a more relaxed shopping and eating street popular with tourists who want to save money and with young people.

A hutong is a Chinese street that was walled in by the residences on both sides and gated. The Southern Gong and Drum Lane was a hutong that had neatly laid out straight branch hutongs along it. Sites along it that you can see include the Royal Residence of Seng, Ke Yuan, and the Bar Street.

The Royal Residence of Seng

When entering the south entrance of the lane, you can see the first hutong that had the residence of the Seng Clan. It is now protected by the government. It is the key cultural relics protection site in eastern area of Beijing. The west entrance of the Parched Peas Hutong is the ancestral home of the Seng clan.

Ke Yuan

Ke Yuan or Ke Park was regarded as an artistic private garden before the revolution of 1911. It was the residence and garden of Wen Yu who was an official of the Qing Empire. Here, five courtyards are linked together. The garden was finished in 1861.

The Bar Street of South Gong and Drum Lane

The Bar Street of the Southern Gong and Drum Lane has distinctive features. The bars have traditional decorations. The bars here aren't generally noisy or rough. It is a hangout for young people. Many bars have WiFi internet service.


1 You'd better wear flat shoes (you can buy a pair in the nearby shop and take them as a souvenir).
2 There is no parking in it. The best way to visit here is on foot or by bicycle. You can rent bicycles at Houhai or Shichahai. A tandem bicycle costs CNY20 per hour and a regular bicycle is CNY10 per hour. A CNY500 deposit for each bicycle is required.

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