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Tanzhe Temple


Tanzhe temple is one of the main Beijing tourist attractions,if you want a complete sightseeing in Beijing ,include it in your Beijing package tour.

Forty-five kilometers west of Beijing, Tanzhe Temple is the largest and oldest temple in Beijing, whose history can date back to the Jin Dynasty, over 1,700 years ago. It is widely believed among the locals that the Tanzhe Temple was constructed earlier than the city of Beijing. Behind the temple there is a deep pond called the Dragon Pond and in front of the temple there grow some Zhe trees, therefore the temple is called the Tan ("tan" means a deep pond) Zhe Temple.

Backing a hill, the temple is divided into three parts. The central part is filled with splendid structures like archways, mountain gates, altars and Buddhist Halls. A 200-year old purple yulan growing in the temple is noted as the largest in north of China. When the Yulan blossoms early in spring, numerous people flock here to view the pretty and fragrant flowers. Among the bushes, two high ginkgo trees were entitled by Emperor Qianlong the "Tree of Monarch" and the "Tree of Princess". The eastern part of the temple contains a dozens of courtyards where the abbot room is included and the rooms where the emperor used to stay are preserved.

Tanzhesi Temple Zen Tea Culture Festivals

The first Tanzhesi Temple Zen Tea Culture Festival aims at promoting the traditional tea culture, which was celebrated in 2008. During the culture festival, Tanzhisi Temple will launch a series of products "Tanzhesi Zen Tea" to help visitors pray. Moreover, a unique product "Tanzhesi prime cake" will be launched for the first time, using high-quality raw material, and cooked with Tanzhesi millennium Suzhai refined production process. It can be described as the best gifts for friends and family.

During the Zen Tea Culture Festival, the very traditional performance that the Emperor offers incense to Buddha will also add new content to the long history of the tea culture as well as tell the very history in a humorous way.

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