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Beijing Shopping

If you are planning a Beijing package tour,shopping in Beijing is necessary.our Beijing travel guide will give you some information about the Beijing shopping tour,wish you happy tours in Beijing.
You will find that China is a great place for shopping. Prices are normally cheaper than in western countries, and the selection of all kinds of basic things is huge. Of course, to get the best price, you always need to go through a certain amount of bargaining, sometimes a lot, but that is also part of the fun! Here are some shopping places are recommended for you travel in Beijing.

798 Art Zone

798Type: Art Galleries Location:The buildings are located inside alleys number 2 and 4 on Jiǔxiānqiáo Lù, south of the Dàshānziqiáo flyover. 798 is a part of Dashanzi in the Chaoyang District of Beijing that houses a thriving artistic community, among 50-year old decommissioned military factory buildings of unique architectural style. It is often compared with New York's Greenwich Village or SoHo.This bustling area is a hub for contemporary Chinese art with a wide array of different styles. This old factory compound has been perfectly converted to house numerous galleries and bookshops & cafes.


Wangfujing Business Center

Type:mall Location: Stretching from Beijing Art Gallery in the north to Chang'an Street in the south Transportation: Take bus 103, 104, or 420, or subway line 1, and get off at Wangfujing Stop. Wangfujing Business Street is in Dongcheng District, the center of Beijing. If you want to go to the Tian’anmen Square from here, you can get there soon for these two places are just 1 kilometer apart. Here we have the well-known Beijing Department Store, the famous Dong'an Market, and the Foreign Languages Bookstore, the biggest arts and crafts shop in China, the biggest Xinhua Bookstore, Lisheng Sports Shop and Medical Appliances Shop. Also, some famous old shops can be found here , such as Shengxifu Hats Shop, Tonghesheng Shoes Shop, New World Silk Shop, Hengteli Watchmaker's Shop, Baicaoshenrong Drugstore and Jiguge Historical Relic Shop, etc. It is really a beautiful walking street.

Qianmen Street

Qianmen StreetLocation: Stretching from Zhengyang Gate in the north to Tiantan Road in the south Transportation: Take bus 17, 22, or 120, or subway line 2, and get off at Qianmen Stop Qianmen Street is located to the south of Tiananmen Square. It is Beijing's original commercial center from 600 years ago; today, it largely deals in Chinese traditional products.

With urban development under the Ming and Qing dynasties, Qianmen Street evolved into a major shopping and entertainment-based commercial district. After renovations in 2008 the stores in this century-old shopping district are now lined up side by side in the style of the Hutongs.

This is a good place for souvenirs, such as stone or jade chops carved with your name. The Lao She Teahouse is located to the west of Qianmen Street, and is a good place to sample Chinese teas, or to watch a traditional show.


Xidan Business Center

Type:mall Location: Stretching from Gangwashi in the north to Xidan Crossing in the south Transportation: Take bus 22, 37, 47, 105, 109, or 826, or subway line 1, and get off at Xidan Stop. Beijing Xidan Shopping Center is on the bustling Xidan Commercial Street, a famous center with 70 years of history. This market covers a range of prices levels by providing middle and high quality commodities.

Many new shops like Xidan Shopping Center, Xidan Bazaar, Chung-Yo Department Store, and Huanan Mansion have recently been launched. Many world-famous, name-brand products are available, making Xidan a paradise for shoppers.

Xiushui Street

xiushui-streetType:silk marke Location: Chaoyang District Xiùshuĭjiēis often referred to as “the silk market” by foreigners. It falls in the same ballpark as Yăxìu, but with even more foreigners. It is located at the northwest corner of the intersection at Yŏngānlĭ subway station (Line 1), very close to the American Embassy. The market used to be a mass of street vendors, which was probably one of the last remaining big markets of that kind in Beijing. Now they have moved into a shiny new building.


Shin Kong Place Department Store

Address: Huamao Center, 87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District This store offers various luxurious brands in a nice environment and considerate service; there is a place for resting with coffee on every story. There are many kinds of grocery products, clothing, and toiletries.

Sanlitun Village

Type:mall Address: 19 North Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District Beijing Sanlitun Village Flagship stores for many famous brands, especially sports brands, are in Sanlitun Village. It is very popular among Beijing young people as well as tourists.



Type:mall It is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of Beijing, but its far off location makes it inconvenient. It is next to Beijing University not far from the Wŭdàokŏu area, which can be reached by subway Line 13. From there, hop on bus number 731 or 307 towards the west.

Hongqiao Pearl Market

Type: Flea/ Street Markets With a seafood market in the basement and about 3 floors up, Hongqiao Pearl Market is an indoor mall. It is situated near the Temple of Heaven on Tiantan Street. Antiques, clothing, porcelain, produce and much more are offered in this market. You may shop at all three floors in the main building, but don't miss the antiques hidden behind the pearl stalls on the third floor. Almost everything is offered in this big market, from pocket knifes, copy watches, sports wear, bags, shoes to actual jewelry. It is sort of chaotic – but just like every market in China (there even locals visit find it difficult to pick through). On the first floor you can see some electronics, basic photo equipment, copy watches and other small stuff (pocket knives, thermos for tea…). On second floor there have shoes, women’s and men’s clothes, bags and some sporting goods. When you are buying goods, you can bargain with the sellers. On the third floor, there are pearls, other jewelry and souvenirs (lamps, stamps, coins, kites, silk craft…).

Panjiayuan Antique Market

Panjiayuan Antique MarketType: Flea/ Street Markets; Antique Shops Location: No.18, Huaweili, Chaoyang District Transportation: Take city bus no. 36, 51, 64, 713, or 802 and get off at Huaweixili or Panjiayuan Station. Tel: 010-67741869 Opening Times: 08:30—16:30 It is located southwest of Panjiayuan Bridge, South Road, East Third Ring. It is the largest antique market in China, and the cheapest antique market in Beijing. As the most popular antique market, shops are open every day. Panjiayuan Antique Market covers an area of 48,500 square meters and had six zones: the stall zone, the ancient building zone, the ancient furniture zone, the modern collection zone, the stone sculpture zone and the restaurant zone. In Panjiayuan Antique Market tourists can find various collectables, such as antique furniture, ancient paintings and books, jade, porcelain, ancient and foreign money, bamboo carvings, Buddhist keepsakes, folk clothes, and cultural relics.

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