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Learn to Cook Chinese Food

Duration: 1.5 hours
Venue: Beijing Jingsong Vocational High School Tour Description
Summary: Choose this course when you in Beijing, you can learn how to cook some classical Chinese dishes such as the scramble egg with potatoes, spiced beef, braised fish and so on.

In recent years, connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine have been appearing on highly rated TV shows all over the world, and the culinary specialist Michelin Guide has also taken an interest in Chinese cuisine. Have you ever imagined yourself in the position of that TV chef?

While you are travelling in China, you have the opportunity to learn from local experts to perfect your favourite Chinese dishes and enjoying sharing the fruits of your labour with your pleasantly astonished friends when you return home.So learning to cook Chinese food during your Beijing package travel is a meaningful experience.

Choose this course to add to your itinerary while you are in Beijing, learn to cook classical Chinese dishes such as scrambled egg with potatoes, various flavours of spiced beef, braised fish and your choice from a broad selection on the school menu.  It should be a real cultural experience.

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