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Chengdu Nightlife

Chengdu NightlifeChengdu is a very prosperous regional hub with all of the modern, broad-ranging nighttime activities that one would expect of a successful metropolis of the size of Chengdu. In fact, the city's nightlife is on par with that of many of China's larger coastal cities. Chengdu has traditionally been a city of active, culturally involved people who are fond of music, art and theatre (mainly Sichuan Opera). Sichuaners also have a long tradition of dining out, visiting tea houses and shopping at large, open-air markets, though today, much of this is being replaced by Western-inspired shopping malls, upmarket restaurants and the ubiquitous bars & night clubs.


Chengdu Bars and Clubs

Yulin Shenghuo Guangchang

Yulin Shenghuo Guangchang perches on the confluence of Yulin Block, Tongzilin Block and Zijing Block. Since opened in 2002, Yulin area has become the leader of Chengdu fashion lifestyle and representative of Chengdu nightlife.
Here gathers the most stylish and special clothes shops, cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants. Yulin Xi Lu (Yulin Road West) is a bar street. Many famous brand names assemble in this area.

Here is some of the popular bars
Empty Bottle Pub

  • Address: 3FYulin Shenghuo Guangchang, 15 Yulin Nan Lu, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Phone: 028-85599798

  • Music House
  • Address: 3FYulin Shenghuo Guangchang, 15 Yulin Nan Lu, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Phone: 028-85535602


Jiu Yan Qiao and He Jiang Ting Bar Street

This bar street is located by the river, near Jiu Yan Qiao (Jiu Yan Bridge with 9 arches). Jiu Yan Qiao and He Jiang Ting Bar Street is a newly developed area, but dozens of bars (major are outdoor) are around. Bars here are in varied prices, scales and styles. You can choose whichever you feel good. The view along the river looking from the bar street is wonderful.

Jinli Bar Street

Jinli enhance the evening haze with its red lanterns lighting throughout all night. Bars, shops, teahouses and restaurants stand along this street one by one. Jinli is a multifunctional street – it is "Snacks Street", "Shopping Street", "Ancient Street" and also "Bar Street". When peaking of Jinli, no matter what aspect will attract you it is a place worthy a walking.

Sichuan Opera or Chuanju and Theaters or Stages

Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage (Chengdu Gu Xitai)

The most famous old stage in Chengdu is Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage also called Chengdu Old Stage (Chengdu Gu Xitai in Chinese). The Chengdu Gu Xitai reposes in Jie Yi Lou of Wu Hou Ci (Temple) – state level culture relic. It belongs to the rebuilt building complex completely in ancient stage style.
Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage is at present the largest archaized stage in Chengdu. It is a important place for reception of chiefs of state abroad and important Chinese leaders. Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage is also a famous film and teleplay shooting location.
Performances on this stage are strikingly and splendid including Sichuan opera, puppet show, shadow play, rolling lamps, tea steeping skills, face changing, and fire spitting. Many people do face changing and fire spitting at the same time is particularly excellent!
Shows on Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage starts at 20:00 every day and the entire show takes one hour and a half. All the seats are in the open air. There are also cost-free tea and snacks.

Sichuan Opera Theater

The full name of Sichuan Opera Theater is Sichuan Province Sichuan Opera Theater. This theater established early in year 1960 has promoted many universal praised plays. Sichuan Opera Theater has won great reputation in Southwestern Areas of China and even the whole country. The popular Sichuan opera will be on this theater including its unique stunts like famous face changing, fire spitting, lamps rolling and marionette figures.
Address: 20 Zhuangyuan Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Shunxin Old Tea House

Shunxin Old Tea House is one of the most famous teahouses of Chengdu. It still keeps the traditional Chengdu architecture styles and adopts the ancient style wooden furniture. Shunxin Old Tea House is the most popular teahouse there too.
There is a couplet on two pillars of the gateway written by Chinese calligraphy: "Zhong Wai Tong Shang Xi", "Gu Jin Jie Pin Cha". This couplet means "both people from home and abroad enjoy the opera" and "both people of ancient times and modern days like tea". Entering the gate, you will see a relievo in the wall of the alley, and this basso-relievo is in height of 3 meters and in length of 91 meters. Opposite the relieve, on the right side is the teahouse and the stage. In teahouse, you can sip tea, and watch performances including Bashu dances, Sichuan opera, and Chuan Ren talk show. Varied Sichuan snacks and all sorts of dim sum and Sichuan dishes are available.

The nightlife in Chengdu must appeal to you. So book a trip package to Chengdu right now!

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