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Chengdu Facts

Chengdu, capital of the Sichuan Province, is known throughout China for giant pandas, tea houses, spicy food, and as one of the most relaxing cities in China. Chengdu is also one of China's most important industrial bases with main industries in machinery, chemicals, textiles, tools, computers, electronics, metallurgical products, wood processing, and more.

Chengdu Guide Because of its geographical location, Chengdu has played an important role in Chinese history and has many beautiful historical places within the city such as the Marquis Wu Shrine, DuFu's Thatched Cottage, and more. Just outside Chengdu is LeShan (the world's largest Buddha statue), DuJiangyan Irrigation System (the first in the world), EMei Mountain, and more. Besides being the birthplace of tea-culture, Chengdu is also where paper money, relief printing, the use of natural gas, and one of the world's earliest banks were all founded.


In more recent years, Chengdu has begun building itself into an international metropolis, being South-West China's center for science, technology, transport, trade, communication, and commerce. As of 2006, there were already over 108 Fortune 500 Companies represented in Chengdu.

  • Specific Information
  • Area Code: 028
  • Zip Code: 610000
  • Area: Chengdu has an area of 12,300 sq km


Currency Exchanges

You'd better exchanges your currency in Bank of China, or the Hotel you stay in. Don't trust any peddler in the street who provides you the service, as they may give you counterfeit currency.


Chengdu has a humid subtropical climate (Koppen Cwa) and is largely mild and humid. Chengdu is situated at the western edge of the Sichuan Basin and is therefore sheltered from northwest winds from Siberia in winter by the Qinling Mountains to the north; the short winter is milder than in the Lower Yangtze because of the sheltering effect of the Qinling.


According statistics, the total population in Chengdu is estimated around 12.21 million. Unlike the other parts of the Sichuan Province where many ethnic minorities like Tibetan, Qiang, Miao, Hui, Mongolian, Tujia and Manchu are living, Han Chinese is the vast majority nationality group in Chengdu. The fast growing of the population in the city thus makes Chengdu become a metropolitan.

Administrative Division

Chengdu Nightlife Chengdu is a sub-provincial city. It has direct jurisdiction over 9 districts, 4 county-level cities and 6 counties



Chengdu enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by an early spring, hot summer, cool autumn and warm winter. The average annual temperature for the year is 16 degree Celsius.

The best time to visit is between March and June or between September and November. The hottest season here is during July and August when temperatures can be almost unbearable although Chengdu does have a few nice spots (such as Qingchengshan Mountain) outside the city center where it is possible to get some shade and respite from the heat.

This is also however the rainy season and it is awkward juggling the two types of weather at once! In summer the heat is wet with a high temperature of 35 degree Celsius and in winter, the average temperature is approximately 5 degree Celsius.

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