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Shanghai to Hangzhou Day Tour by High-speed Train

Shanghai to Hangzhou tour,China High-speed Train Tour

This Shanghai Hangzhou tour will take you to Shanghai and Hangzhou.Shanghai is a renowned international metropolis drawing more and more attention from all over the world. Hangzhou is a beautiful and elegant city. This China tour from Shanghai is a High-speed train trip.You are sure to  have a good time for your Shanghai vacations.
Destination: Hangzhou
Departure: Shanghai
Duration: 10hr
Attractions:West Lake, Lingying Temple, Feilai Peak, Six Harmony Pagoda, Longjing Tea Plantation
Tour overview:Traveling by high-speed train, it will not only save you more than an hour driving through the high way, but also bring you the spectacular village viewing along the railway.
Tour Price: From $98
Reasons of This Shanghai to Hangzhou High-speed Train Tour
  • On this Shanghai Hangzhou tour, you will visit the famous sight spots in Hangzhou.
  • You will enjoy the beautiful sceneries on the way by bullet train for your Shanghai vacation.

Itinerary: Shanghai to Hangzhou High-speed Train Tour

08:00-08:52 Take G7303 express train to Hangzhou.
09:00-11:30 Visit the Lingying Temple & Feilai Peak from Afar Scenic Area
11:30-12:30 Lunch at local chinese dishes restaurant.
12:30-13:30 Visit the Six Harmony Pagoda
13:30-15:30 Visit the West Lake Scenic Area
15:30-17:00 Longjing Tea Plantation visit.
18:00-18:52 Take G7324 return to Shanghai.
End of the Tour.

China cheap tour:Lingyin Temple Lingyin Temple
China cheap tour:Feilaifeng Feilaifeng
China cheap tour:Six Harmonies Pagoda Six Harmonies Pagoda
China cheap tour:West Lake West Lake

Lingyin Temple: Lingyin Temple is one of the ten most famous ancient Buddhist monasteries in China. The Hall of Mahavira (great hero) inside the temple is 33.6 meters in height, and the statue of Sakyamuni (563? - 483 BC) in the Hall, was carved out of 24 pieces of camphor wood. In front of the Hall are two pagodas of rock which were built in 960 AD of the Song Dynasty.
Feilaifeng: Also called as Lingjiu Feng, the 168-meter-high Fei Lai Feng is a unique limestone peak with marvelous caves, exquisite ancient Buddha statues and kinds of legendary stories.
Six Harmonies Pagoda:The pagoda was once maintained in 1900 with 13 storeys of wooden eaves galleries being added around the pagoda (with two eave galleries for one floor), creating a unique style that this seven-storey pagoda is seems like a 13-storey one in the appearance.
West Lake: World-known dainty landscape of lakes and mountains as well as a mass of places of historic interests, the West Lake of Hangzhou is considered A Paradise on Earth. It was included in the World Heritage List on June 24, 2011 as the only Chinese lake in that list.

Price Details Based on Per Person

Price Details with hotel
Tour Type Price
1 person $265
2 persons $186
3 persons $146
4 persons $122
5 persons $106
6-9 persons $98

Price Inclusions and Exclusions of  This High-speed Train Itinerary

Price Inclusions:
  1. Ground Transfer along the schedule.
  2. Entrance tickets for sightseeing.
  3. Well- trained English Speaking tour guide.
  4. Meals as listed.
Price Exclusion:
  1. G train tickets between Shanghai and Hangzhou.
  2. Train station transfer in Shanghai
For Private Tour:

Suitable for friends or families;
Designated a car or business van with a private English speaking guide;
Vehichle mode: private luxury car or MPV.

How to process:

Tour guide will call you the night before the tour start, if you were not in hotel room, she would leave you a message to inform the meeting time next morning and her mobile phone numbers.
Guide will (bus, car or van) reach you in the morning, at the fixed time.

How to buy train tickets:

1. You can buy it from your Shanghai hotel / local train ticket agency / Hongqiao Train Station;
2. If you need, we can help you to get the round trip train tickets with additional service fee.

How to pay?

1. Partially prepay by Credit card through 2. Pay rest of the tour fee in cash on arrival.

Remark of Shanghai to Hangzhou High-speed Train Tour
Wear casually with comfortable sports shoes and pay attention to local weather and climate.

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