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Travel with Special Groups

Travel with Children
You should take into consideration of many details of carrying your children during your travel. Here we provide you some tips to make your journey easier with children:

Firstly, you shuold consider about the destinations which are both suitable for you and your children. From views of education, culture, interest as well as instruction, you may plan a tour that can widen your children’s vision in a comfortable atmosphere.

Please make sure that your children are in good physical condition before your journey. When on the transport vehicles, do not let your children wander at will in the cabin or compartment to prevent possible injury or discomfort to other travelers.

You should get in touch with your travel adviser or tour guide in advance if your children aren't used to the Chinese local food, and avoid the unhappy experience happening.

Disable travelers
The disabled can enjoy a great convenience of traveling in China. There are various considerable facilities for disable people to travel in. Special-designed & equipped facilities in the public area of transport, airport and hotel are now more accessible. Here we provide some tips for disable travelers:

Collecting as much information as possible of any destinations in your tour. Those special-designed facilities in your destinations may be totally different from that of your countries. But you can not be anxious because many big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong have already built up a comparatively complete system for this special group.

Please make sure you are in good health condition before your China tour. It is necessary to discuss with your doctor about this matter. You should take your doctor’s name and telephone number for emergency.

Telling your travel advisor what equipment you may take or you need in advance traveling in China.

Recheck your health insurance policy to ensure it covers the medical expenses incurred during trips overseas. Check that in covers pre existing conditions and, if doubt, contact your insurers.

Students Travel
There are more and more foreignn students coming to visit China, and we prepare some useful tips for them to make their travel more smooth.

You may not enjoy a favorable price from train or air tickets by your student cards which are issued by you local schools. But some scenic spots in Chinese big cities may give you a discount on admission fees.

You can enjoy some preferential prices in Hong Kong and Macao if you have ISIC (International Student Identity Card) received from a local travel agent in you own country,  but not in mainland China yet.

We suggest you that do not choose those adventurous scenic spots when you design your tour planning. But if you prefer to go, you should ask for some advice from your travel advisor.

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