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Chinese Cuisine Culture

Peking Roast Duck Peking Roast Duck

Chinese Food
Chinese people are one of the types who love culinary art, thus the food culture can not be ignored in its history. The "waste not, want not" ethos means that a surprising range and variety of plants and animals, and every part of a plant or animal is used. This has given rise to a remarkable diversity in regional cuisine, but to Westerners it can be overwhelming - surprising, fantastic, delicious, horrifying or disgusting - but above all, different.

Chinese Food Types
"The Chinese eat everything with four legs, except tables, and everything that flies — except airplanes". Find out about some of the unique dishes of a nation who are willing to eat just about anything. Wild animals, household pets, reptiles, amphibians, mollusks, insects, fish and birds, you name it — if they can find a tasty way to prepare it, the Chinese will eat it with gusto. 
Note: We do not support the eating of protected species or cruelty to animals. Neither do we recommend eating at or visiting restaurants (e.g. wild game restaurants, dog restaurants ...) that you might find unpleasant or disturbing.

China's Regional Cuisines
China can be divided into many geographical areas, and each area has a distinct style of cooking. The ingredients used in the food are based on the natural agricultural products of the region. In Northern China, for example, wheat is eaten more than rice as a staple food. Food using wheat as its main ingredient, such as noodles and dumplings is prevalent there. China's Southern cuisine uses far more rice, with such staples as rice noodles and zongzi - sticky rice wrapped in leaves. Southern food, is typically more spicy, and many minorities eat chilies every day.

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