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Network Valentine's Day

When traveling in China, you may find that sometimes there are fancy festivals among young Chinese. They are some newly-born festivals originated by Chinese netizens and then gradually accepted in real life. Here we are giving an introduction about Network Valentine's Day to help you get a better knowledge about modern Chinese while you are on a China tour.
Origin: Valentine’s Day celebrated on May 20 and 21, is the product of the information age. It originated from a song by Mavis fan-"digital love" in which 520 indicates “I love you” as in Chinese, 520 pronounces similarly to I love you-我爱你(wo ai ni). Gradually "521" was given the meaning of "I do; I love you". In this young, spiritual and implicative festival, "5201314”—I love you lifelong is the classic quotation.
Later, in 2004, singer Wu Yulong created a network song "Network Lovers" bringing together "I love you" and "Network Lovers". Till then, the festival came out on May 20 and 21. Every year, on the days, hundreds of thousands Chinese netizens celebrate the festival voluntarily.
Apart from some romantic moves like sending roses or chocolates, traveling together or hanging out to get thrilled that people do when they are in love. We can see a lot of love declaration on the Internet during the two days. Also many netizens call on taking this particular chance to do some romantic things in real life. Actually there are many wedding ceremonies held both on the Internet and in the real life on the days. Wedding Ceremonies:
  1. Obtain a “marriage license” on micro-blog(weibo)
Since 2011, some micro-blog websites have developed a new column-micro-blog “marriage license” and have really got a lot of followers. Lovers upload their photos or their hand painted picture to make their initiative and innovative marriage licenses then post on their micro-blogs, some netizens even make licenses for their parents. Some people pluck up to say 520 or 521 to their crushes on the special days.
  1. Hold an Internet wedding
On the days, many online game lovers wearing their costumes in the game, exchanging rings, cutting cakes and greeting guests and at last going to their online bridal chambers, it is like the mirror image of real-life weddings.
Besides, some social networking sites specialize in network wedding service to allow people get married with their cyber lovers and provide “marriage certificate” as well after they signed up and signed in the websites choosing their figures and setting their wedding stage.
Real-life marriage registration:
Chinese people are used to taking dies faustus into account when they are choosing marriage date. To modern Chinese, they prefer a stylish traditional way to get married. They would also like to choose a lucky day in their mind but not so confined to the old superstitious way. By this way, May 20 or 21 is inevitably chosen as the luckiest day for couples-to-be.
Every year, on the days, the civil affairs bureau of China was over-crowded. Among them, there are not only newly-weds but also divorced spouses to get remarried with each other again.
Dates for marriage some date shows that have been regularly conducted by some satellite televisions many cities also hold large-scale blind date parties on the days. Some parties provide butterfly-shaped paper to have boys and girls write down their names and contact information to exchange.
That is really an event! Most girls will bring mother and bosom friends together to pick out a Mr. Right for her. Sometimes the mothers on the spot are more active than their daughters as they will go straight to strike up a conversation as soon as they have spotted decent guys for their girls.
Other activity:
Some netizens combine the celebration of the festival with environmental-friendly moves. People choose to prove their loves by planting saplings (at their own expense) on a piece of land that needs afforesting to shape a 520 figure. Their love grow with the trees, their love grow with a greener world as well.
Some digital symbols:
2013,5201314            love u for life, I love u all my life.
53770                    I wanna kiss u.
584520                   I swear I love u.
246437                   Love is so wonderful.
2010000                  Love u for ten thousand year.
829475                   Being loved is happiness.

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