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Do I need a double-entry visa for Guangzhou - Macau – Guangzhou Tour?

Definitely yes. You need a double-entry visa for Guzhou - Macau - Guangzhou trip. 

♦ Let us make it clearer:
Firstly, you can to Guangzhou from you country, however, you have to use visa to enter into Guangzhou.

Then, you transfer to Macau from Guangzhou which doesn't need to use your visa.
Finally, you will come back Guangzhou from Macau, and you need to show visa to the customs.

So in total, there are two times you need to use your visa in this trip. Thus you need a double-entry visa if you 
► Firstly come to China mainland city from your country, visa needed
► And then back to China mainland cities from both Hong Kong and Macau, visa needed

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