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How to apply for Hong Kong Visa

People should apply for a visa to enter or stay in Hong Kong if they do not match the above conditions. All nationalities that need a visa or entry permit for tourism must get one from a Chinese embassy or consulate prior to traveling. The Hong Kong Immigration Authority's website has full explanation of who needs a visa.
The application procedure of applying Hong Kong visa is almost the same with that of Chinese mainland visa.
  • Firstly, submitting an application form which can be got from both the website or in the Chinese consulate or embassy.
  • Secondly, ensuring your can provide your valid passport and an up-to-date photo which is better if it is as same as that one on your passport.
  • Thirdly, the processing time of the application form is the same generally, but it may vary depends on the visa type. Different type of visa has its own regulations and its supporting documents are also different.

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