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How to extend my visa?

Extend Your Visa
People who want to extend the China visa can just go to a Public Security Office in any Chinese city, and then, fill in a visa extension form. That’s all. But this situation is not very often to happen because of the safety consideration.
Usually, you will be asked by Chinese officers to offer some “evidences” to support the application. Some Public Security (Police) departments will require a letter explaining the reason for your wish to extend the visa. You may have to gain the help of a Chinese friend to write a letter explaining the reasons for you extended stay in China.
Generally speaking, the necessary provided materials are as following:
  • your valid passport and visa
  • the visa extension application form with real information about yourself
  • reasons or evidences of extending visa

It is necessary for you to contact with your travel advisor on the visa extension issue, he/she can help by giving you many useful tips in the practical application process.
The process of applying for and extending visas has become a lot easier, but depending on where you go it can still be a confusing and frustrating process. Please note that a tourist visa is only extendable up to a maximum of 90 days, after which you must leave the country.

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