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Qutang Gorge

Location:Qutang Gorge is about 500 km (300 miles) northeast, down the Yangtze, from Chongqing City and about 200 km (130 miles) upriver from Yichang, in Central China. The gorge stretches 8 kilometers (5 miles) downstream from Baidicheng (White Emperor City), Fengjie County, Chongqing.
Opening time:8:00-19:30 daily
Best time for visit: For the best time of year to travel see Yangtze River Weather.
Recommended time for a visit:2 hours
Open:8:00-19:30 daily
Tickets:105 yuan per adult.

Rhinoceros Viewing the Moon

If you are having a Chongqing package tour,our Chongqing travel guide will introduce you to see the Qutang Gorge,which is one of the Chongqing tourist attractions,thus giving you a complete sightseeing in Chongqing
Rhinoceros Viewing the Moon
On the north bank of Qutang Gorge, there is a big stone on top of a mountain. It looks like a rhinoceros facing Kuimen to the west. When the moon is in the west at night, the stone is looks like a rhinoceros viewing the moon. It has become one of the famous sights of Qutang Gorge called Rhinoceros Viewing the Moon.
There are a lot of cultural and historical sites along Qutang Gorge, including Baidicheng (White Emperor City), which is known as "the Poet City", where many famous Chinese poets have lived; cliff inscriptions of the past dynasties and the former residence of famous Chinese poet, Dufu.

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