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Chongqing Shopping

If you are having a Chongqing package tour, Chongqing shopping is a must,and our Chongqing travel guide provide some information about shopping in Chongqing,thus making your Chongqing China tour perfect.
Although Chongqing Municipality is not as modern as Beijing or Shanghai, it still provides a superior shopping environment for locals and tourists alike. Rich in natural resources, Chongqing produces a great variety of local and special products including valuable traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and famous fruit, such as pears, navel oranges, pomeloes, and persimmons. Chongqing is noted for fine quality teas as well--among the most widely known are Chongqing Tuo Tea, Yinping Silver Needle Tea and Xinong Fur Tip Tea.

What to buy

Gastrodia Elata

Talking about Chinese herbal medicine in Sichuan, one will not fail to recall Gastrodia elata (tianma), which contributes a great deal to patients with eclampsia. Duck braised in Gastrodia elata soup is the most famous medical dish you might encounter when dining in the local restaurants in Chongqing.

Huangsha Pomelo

pomeloHuangsha pomelo is probably the most famous fruit in Chongqing. Unlike some other kinds of pomelo, it is unusually succulent and sweet, with a rich fragrance of honey.


Print Painting


With the rapid economic development, peasants in rural Chongqing have witnessed great improvement in their material wealth. Conceivably they desire more cultural activities in their spare time. It just seems that print painting has become their beloved form of self-cultivation and self-relaxation.

Rongchang Paper Fan

It is almost 450 years since the first Rongchang paper fan was made. Since then, the fan has enjoyed unique renown domestically and internationally. It is by no means surprising then, that hundreds of years ago the fans were exported to India and Burma. At first, only the nobility could afford to buy the elegantly made fans. The past several decades have witnessed rapid innovation utilizing different materials to make the fan and the original few have now expanded into 345 different types.

Three Gorge Inkstone

For travelers fascinated by Chinese calligraphy, Three Gorge Inkstone might be the best shopping item in Chongqing. Made from the special stone excavated on the Libi Gorge section of Jialing River, the fine-shaped inkstone is delicately engraved with beautiful patterns.

Shu embroidery

Shu EmbroideryShu embroidery (Shu is the shortened form of Sichuan), also called "Chuan embroidery", is one of the four famous embroidery styles in China, others being the Su embroidery of Jiangsu Province, the Xiang embroidery of Hunan Province and the Yue embroidery of Guangdong Province. It has been enjoying high reputation as "a treasure of Sichuan" ever since the Han Dynasty.
Shu embroidery is renowned for its superb workmanship, smooth and bright in quality, with strong expression and artistic effects. Its features are said as "fine and smooth needlework, simple and elegant colors, graceful and easy lines and the traditional Chinese paintings "style".
The unique designs on Shu embroidery include flowers, birds, landscapes, fish, worms and human figures. Its products include pillowcases, embroidered slippers, mirror curtain, lace, wedding dress, scroll, hats and shoes, skirts, quilt facing, etc. It mainly employs the themes of auspicious happiness. In 2006, it was listed in the national intangible cultural heritages.


Where to buy

Five major shopping centers in Chongqing were Jiefangbei, Shapingba, Three Gorges Square, Yangjiaping, Guanyinqiao and Nanping pedestrian street.

Chongqing Jiefangbei

Whenever arriving at Chongqing, travelers shall not miss Jiefangbei in Yuzhong District. Here run at least 20 super commercial centers, as well as bookstores, theaters, bars and restaurants. In addition, there is a biggest snack bar 300 meters from the Jiefangbei. Visitors can have the chance to taste all kinds of snacks while buying some souvenir.

Shapingba Three Gorges Square

Three Square Walking Street, second only to Jiefangbei as a shopping destination, gather many world famous companies and businesses, offering a first class international one stop shopping experience. The heart of the Square is the Three Gorges landscape garden, which condenses the magnificent scene of the Three Gorges Dam, showing the enchanting scenery of the Three Gorges reservoir area. Visitors in the shopping can appreciate the culture of the Three Gorges.

Guanyinqiao Walking Street

Guanyinqiao Walking StreetGuanyinqiao Walking Street, one of the famous commercial streets in China and the biggest commercial circle in Southwest China, is located in Jiangbei District, with a length of 400 meters. It integrates shopping, leisure, food, entertainment and fitness.


The beautiful Chongqing is waiting for your visit. As a professional tour operator in China, we can be your best tour guide!

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