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Do Sightseeing in the Ropeway of Chongqing

If you are planning a Chongqing package tour,you should know the things to do in Chongqing,our Chongqing travel guide introduce you to do sightseeing in the Ropeway of Chongqing,which can add color to your Chongqing China tour.
Location: Chongqing City
Summary: This ropeway is a special transportation tool which is necessary for the locals’ daily life. And tourists also can find the mountain city’s culture when experience this transport tool.

Yangtze River Ropeway: from Chang’an Temple, Yuzhong District to Shangxin Street, Nan’an District from 6:15 to 21:45 every day.
Yangtze Ropeway, the second ropeway over river, came into use in October, 1987. This ropeway starts from Xinhua road, Yuzhong District, end at Shangxin Street, Nan’an District. It is 1116 meters long and carries 10500 passengers every day. The Yangtze River ropeway enjoys “the first corridor in the air over the Yangtze river”.

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