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Eat Chongqing Snacks in Food Street

If you are planning a Chongqing package tour,you should know the things to do in Chongqing,our Chongqing travel guide introduce you to eat Chongqing Snacks in Food Street,which can add color to your Chongqing China tour.
Venue: Chongqing Food Street
Direction: Near the Zhonghua Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing
Summary: If you want to eat the real local taste, you should not miss the snacks in that city. Chongqing is a paradise of food because of the various exotic snacks and unforgettable drinks.
Chongqing is famous for its delicious snacks with the unforgettable taste. Chongqing snack is as famous as Chongqing dish, taking a lead in China. It enjoys wide varieties, excellent cooking progress and delicious tastes. It is said there are more than 200 kinds of snack in Chongqing.
One of the famous food streets in Chongqing named Haochi Jie. In this 205-meter-long street, there are various restaurants with their special and unique food to attract guests. From the dessert shop to the dandanmian (a kind of noodles) restaurant, from the wonton shop to the hot pot restaurant, from the Chinese cuisine restaurants to MacDonald, it is a paradise for people who are fond of food.
There are two groups of sculptures at the two ends of the Food Street respectively. One is called “cool” - a barebacked dock porter, covered with sweat, is waving a cattail leaf fan in his hand while eating hot pot. The other one is called “vigor”, describing three fashionable and pretty girls to reflect the enterprising spirit of Chongqing people.

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