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As a China travel agency, we are offering over 300 China tour packages to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Tibet,Hangzhou,Kuming...and specializing in customizing China tours for you, families, groups travelers with great value. Our Agency is a full service China travel agency providing Special China Tours and Beijing Tour.Our China Tours is doing our utmost to improve your travel experience, and make your trip cheaper, easier and more flexible. Look forward to helping you create an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime! We specialize in customizing tours for individuals, families and small groups across China. Contact us now or browse our Top 10 China Tours.we looking forward to providing the most considerate and the most comfortable service for your China travel! We make sure that you can enjoy your travel experience in China if you contact us to be your vacation planner and travel operator .Make Your China Tour Happy and Easier!

Our highlights

We are many years experienced travel agent company who have been organized many tourist groups to travel in China and received a lot of active feedbacks from our travelers which you can refer to on our website. We have set goals to offer the service of the highest quality to travelers from all over the world. Years of professional traveling consultant experience and earnest working attitude assure the most comfortable and enjoyable China tours for our foreign friends. Our team CTC provides not only high-end professional training to our staffs, but also a lot opportunities for them to experience in arranging international travel itinerary. Thus, we can guarantee that we are all proficient enough to provide travelers comprehensive travel advices.

Our Tour Agency Team

You can feel our passionate from the very beginning you contact us , no matter what kind of tours, we will arrange the best quotation and itinerary for the guests with great enthusiasm and patience.

Aiming to let every guest be happy and satisfied during the wonderful trip in China, we devote to our guests heart and soul and often received many thanks and high praises from the clients.

What's more, we will also show you our working efficiency when you have any instant problems during your tour.

We assure that we will give you the most useful feedback within one workday and always be patient to provide any necessary service. We are a team with great hostility and unity, and we are ready to manage kinds of issues together, as family. When it comes to the travel itineraries offered on our website, we have delicately prepared various kinds of tour packages such as Top Beijing Tour, Beijing Countryside Tour, Beijing Theme Tour, China Tour from Beijing and so on.
Besides, the hotels and food provided in these packages also have a wide range for you to choose from. Each kind of activity will let you explore the special Chinese beauty and the oriental civilization. Last but not least, all these services mentioned above are presented and strengthened by a large compliment of English-speaking guides and English editorial experts. Our young, vigorous and up-and-coming group is in preparation at any time to offer you the very best service with a real passion for their work on your behalf.

Our English speaking tour guides are all with the qualified national tour guide licenses which can not be easily got , they have to pass a very formal and strict examination.

Besides, they are all well trained ,so they are very experienced, professional and knowledgeable enough to provide customers most considerate service and show you the most charming and interesting China by their patient explanation. Therefore, they often get a lot of good remarks from their customers. As to our drivers, they all have formal licenses with at least 10 years driving experiences, and no bad records. They can assure you a safe and relaxing journey. There are usually three kinds of Jing B vehicles (which is ruled by the National Tourism Bureau) provided by us: Zhongjinlong Bus (22 seats), Minibus (5 - 6 seats) and Passat all of which boast of their clean and spacious environment, comfortable seats and nice quality.
China Tour Center is committed to offering our customers an authentic China experience not only something limited to tourist, but a lifelong memorable China experience. We have all confidence to give all of our customers a enjoyable China tour.

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