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Dali Transport

External Transportation
Dali Airport is located at the junction of Fengyi Township and Haidong Village. It is 12km from Dali downtown. There are only provincial flights to Kunming and Xishuangbanna.
From Xiaguan to Dali, you could take No.7 local bus. If you take taxi to the airport, it will costs you about 80 Yuan. You can buy air tickets at some big hotel and travel agencies on Xiaguan Jianshe Road.
The fights to Dali and Xishuangbanna fly every day. From Kunming to Dali, the voyage is about 30 min, and to Xihuanbanna is about 50min.
Dali Railway Station is located at Yunling Avenue at the south part of Xincheng of Dali City. You can take No.7, 8, 10 and 11 local buses to the railway station.
There are special tourism train between Dali and Kunming. The journey is about 8 to 10 hrs. Kunming and Dali both has one tourism train in the morning and 4 trains at night. The trains in night are all sleeping carriages.
You can buy train ticket at the first floor of the railway station. In addition, there are also other ticket purchasing points: 35108 Army hostel at Jianshe Road, The first floor of Jiaotong Restaurant and the ticket purchasing point at No.21, Jianshe Road.
It is easy to travel by bus in Dali. Now the highway from Kunming to Dali is opened. From Kunming to Dali, it only takes 6 hours. The ticket price is about 100 Yuan.
To scenic areas in Dali, you can only take bus or minibus. The scenic spots in Dali are not too far from Dali Downtown. There are 3 long-distance bus stations in Dali: Dali Passenger Station, Xiaguan Passenger Station, Dayun Bus Station. There is one departure point: Dali Passenger Station Gucheng Departure Point.  
Urban Traffic
Tourists could take taxi to each scenic spots in Dali. The departure fare is usually 5 Yuan, and the extra distance charges for 1.4 Yuan per Km. Santana’s departure fare is 6 Yuan, and the extra distance is 1.6 Yuan per km.
Tourists could rent bicycle and ride around Dali Ancient Town. The rental is about 10-12 Yuan per day.
The most idea way to appreciate the beauty of Erhai is by sightseeing ship at the Earhai dock. The ship departs at 8:30 every day. The price is about 70-80 Yuan per person. You’d better purchase the ticket one day in advance.

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