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Yingxian Wooden Pagoda

Location:Yingxian District
Opening time:9:00--17:00, daily;
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:40 minutes
Open:9:00--17:00, daily

How to Get There

1)Every morning at 7:30 there is tourist bus from datong train station.


From the outside, it appears to have only five stories, though it actually has nine; and its complex system of supports includes 54 kinds of brackets. Frescoes on the ground floor and a gilded statue of Sakyamuni date from the Liao Dynasty. During a 1974 renovation, engraved sutras and documents related to the construction of the pagoda were discovered inside one of the statues of Buddha. Unfortunately, visitors are now only allowed to climb to the second level of this delicate structure.
The pagoda's multi-storey structure has given it the kind of stability resembling those in modern buildings. It wood texture is very soft, which won't easily twist under outside pressure. The many layers also reinforce the pagoda.
Many wood pagodas in China were destroyed by lightening. Since a 14 meters tall iron decoration on top of the pagoda connected by eight iron chains to the ground works very much like a modern lightning rod, the wood pagoda did not suffer any damage from lightening.

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