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Datong Food

Datong is mainly famous for its various wheaten food. Datong dishes are a little salty and oily. The most famous dishes and local flavour snacks there include Instant-Boiled Lamb, Cat Ear Noodlesm, Pea Noodles, Naked Oats Noodles, Dried Bean Curd, Yellow Cake, Crisp Soy-beans, Yanggao Dried Apricot and so on. Both of them are worthy tasting very much.

Datong Instant Boiled Lamb

Datong Instant boiled Lamb is famous all over China for its four big characters- attractively shaped, fresh, tender, and delicious.

The raw materials of this dish can be found almost everywhere in Datong. Among them, the lamb from Guangling and Shuozhou is regarded as the best. The chef often cuts the lamb into pieces evenly and then freezes them in the fridge. While eating, people first grab a piece of lamb with chopsticks and put it into the boiled water for just one or two seconds. And then put the cooked lamb piece into a bowl of sauce which is made of sesame paste, chili oil, balsam, soy sauce, gourmet powder, and coriander and so on. Thus this sweet-smelling lamb meat will taste delicious and the savory aroma will lead one's appetite, it is one of the most popular items.

Cat Ear Noodles

The noodles are particularly tasty when eaten with meat sauce or sauce made of eggs, thin sheets of dried bean curd, dried day-lily flowers, and agarics.

Guangling Dried Bean Curd

The bean curd, brined with five spices, is pliable but strong, chewy and tasty.It is regarded as the best optimal side dish and salad in the banquets. There are two kinds of Dried Bean Curd, the salty Dried Bean Curd and the smoked Dried Bean Curd. In Datong, Guangling Dried Bean Curd is a very common snack. You could buy them at almost every super markets or shops in the roads.

Pea Noodles

There are hundreds of kinds of noodles in Shanxi province. Each of these noodles was cooked by a special method with a unique flavor, name and taste. Pea noodles in Datong of Shanxi province is one of the popular and famous noodles. Pea noodles need wheat flour and You flour(a kind of flour) to knead the dough, then roll the dough with a rolling pins or flatten the dough with a press of the hand or slice the dough with sharp kitchen knife. These different methods make different shapes of noodles including Boyuer noodles, Min noodles and so on. After the noodles drain from the boil water, add the Master stock or minced meat Master stock which is made up of eggs, Bean curd shin, Lily flower and agarics. Pea noodles are very delicious and tasty. So do not miss it, when you travel in Datong city.

Yellow Cake

Yellow cake is a kind of local food which is popular in the south of Hebei province and Datong city of Shanxi province. Some local people even take yellow cake as their lunch in their daily life. The main ingredient of yellow cake is broomcorn millet flour. Well, actually, there are two kinds of yellow cake in Datong city. One is fried yellow cake, the other is steamed yellow cake. And Fried yellow cake is cooked on the based of steamed yellow cake. When the steamed yellow cakes are steamed, put them out, and fry them with cooking oil after it becomes completely cold. Steamed yellow cake is light yellow, soft and tasty. Fried yellow cake is dark yellow, crisp and of course, delicious.

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