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Dunhuang Attractions

If you want to have an easy Dunhuang tour,you should know the main Dunhuang attractions,which can help you have a complete Dunhuang sightseeing,thus adding color to your China tour.
Although there are only six Dunhuang attractions listed, at least 4 of them are world class. The Mogao Grottoes has China’s oldest and most famous Buddhist relics. The singing sands are pristine sand dunes that can be explored on a camel, and Crescent Spring is an oasis in this mini desert or the outskirts of Dunhuang. With a longer trip from Dunhuang visitors can see Yumenguan or Jade Gate Pass, a strategic desert outpost on the Silk Road, Yardang National Park with its peculiar wind eroded rocks. Dunhuang is a honey pot of classic Silk Road attractions.So make a Dunhuang tour,it won't fail you.

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