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Daxu Ancient Town

Price:USD 33 (combined with tour package)
Recommended time for a visit:4 hours


Daxu Ancient Town is located 18km southeast of Guilin. It is at the east bank of the middle reaches of the Li River. It had been the commercial premier of the area in the Northern Song Dynasty and really flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The cobbled streets, Wanshou Bridge (Longevity Bridge), ancient buildings and the century-old docks are worth seeing. The street measuring 2.5 km in length and 2 m in width stretches through the town. A stroll along will afford a leisurely glimpse into the traditional courtyard where granny are sometimes seen telling story to a huddle of small kids.

Wanshou Bridge is a single-arched bridge built during the Ming Dynasty. 13 docks were built during the Ming Dynasty, among which five well preserved ones still in use. The wooden architectures standing along the river has colorfully decorated eaves, elegantly carved doors and windows, and they have been served as many locals houses till now.


The history of Daxu dates back to over 2,000 years ago when it was founded during the era of the Qin Dynasty that ruled in China between the years of 221 and 207 BC. Centuries later during the Ming Dynasty, Daxu thrived as a leading trade and commercial hub due to its close proximity to the Li River. The thirteen docks that can still be seen in Daxu today are the remnants of this former golden age.

As industry, technology and tourism grew and spread elsewhere in China over the next several hundred years, the ancient village of Daxu somehow managed to make time stand still and has maintained its antique architecture and traditional way of life.

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